Bob Cole & Steve Morrison of WMMR Talk Voice Technology

Control your music, turn your lights on and off, and get the news — all with simple voice commands. Voice control technology is on everyone's minds these days - and we're sharing some of the latest and coolest products out there.

Join our founder and CEO, Bob Cole, and WMMR’s Steve Morrison as they talk about voice-controlled speakers, the new Sonos One, and Amazon Alexa.

Video transcript

Steve: Hey everybody, Steve for the Preston and Steve Show here at World Wide Stereo. We're here again with Bob Cole the home entertainment, home electronics guru. Bob, what are we going to do? Here I see an Echo Dot.  

Bob: Well Steve we're going to talk about technology real quick it's about voice control. Watch this, this is how not to do it. Alexa turn off the lights. She's unhappy. Now watch. Alexa would you turn the kitchen lights off please. There you go.

Alexa: [inaudible].

Steve: It did it.

Bob: You know what? She does a great job but if you play music through her, she sounds awful, like Steve in the shower. Come here let me show you something: the Sonos One. This is a smart speaker, it's not just a speaker, it's not just a streaming speaker like all the Sonos devices — it now has Alexa built in. Very shortly you’ll be able to talk to it with Google and Cortana but right now we got a beautiful sounding speaker that you control with your voice.

Steve: Actually a far superior speaker to the actual Echo speaker that you can get if you get an Amazon Echo at the show or whatever but it's coming with this and it's resident within the technology, that's awesome.

Bob: Absolutely.

Steve: What does the Sonos One start at?

Bob: It starts at $199.

Steve: You have these, you have the great technology of the speaker system that they employ with the usability of the Amazon Echo, it's perfect.

Bob: It can also be part of a home theater system.

Steve: All right, automate everything.

Bob: Yeah, it is very wonderful.

Steve: All right, sensational.

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