SATURDAY, AUGUST 17: 9am-12pm

Cars & Coffee

Calling all car enthusiasts! Join us Saturday, August 17th for a special Cars & Coffee event at our Montgomeryville, PA showroom. Enjoy exotic cars, classic cars, customs, and imports and revel in automotive beauty. Bring your own ride to show off and register for a reserved Showcase parking spot up front or register for general admission to simply enjoy the show.

Mingle with fellow car lovers, collectors, and DIYers, and enjoy a morning filled with automotive beauty, good music, and fun people who love this stuff as much as you do.

Enjoy food and refreshments (yes, there will be coffee).

The Giveaways:

All registered attendees will be entered to win one of three gift cards for a car audio upgrade*. 

  • Second Runner up: $250 
  • First Runner up: $500 
  • Grand prize Winner: $1,500 

*Must be registered for the event and present at time of drawing to win. 


Does Power Matter?


Unlock the hidden potential of your audio system by mastering the fundamentals of clean, uncompressed power.

Performance begins with power and power begins at the wall — specifically, the AC outlet. In this month’s Second Saturday workshop, we’ll build a complete Noise-Dissipation System from the wall to the loudspeakers. We will work our way through power cords and conditioners with highly perceptible changes. Along the way, we’ll share simple, effective ways to optimize any audio system for efficient noise-dissipation, revealing the natural detail, body, and dynamics that bring music to life.  

Your audio system craves clean, uncompressed power. Experience the clarity, dimensionality, frequency extension, and dynamic contrast your system has always been capable of delivering — if only the power had been right.

Featuring AudioQuest's top-tier power solutions:

  • NRG-Edison duplex AC wall outlets 
  • PowerQuest and Niagara AC power conditioners 
  • GroundGoody ground wires 
  • Low-noise AC power cables, speaker cables, and interconnects

Open to all, this free workshop will be held at 11am and repeated again at 2pm in our Montgomeryville, PA showroom.