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Whole House Audio Installation

Fill your home with the music you love with our full home audio design & installation services. Wirelessly stream your favorite streaming services, your entire digital library, even your vinyl or CDs in the rooms and outdoor spaces you spend time in and entertain most (yes, even the shower). This is about turning your kitchen into Carnegie Hall and your living room into Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk with ease. We specialize in clean, elegant solutions with centralized equipment hidden away and high-performance in-wall and in-ceiling solutions that can be color-matched to disappear into your decor. Talk to one of our expert team members at our Montgomeryville, PA audio showroom.

Dedicated Music Rooms & 2 Channel Audio

We've all heard it: you'll hear music the way the artist intended. But, this is where we get serious. Dedicated, well-planned spaces for listening to music can make all the difference to how you experience your collection and just how good it can sound. We will work with you to select the right gear, layout, acoustic treatments, and the proper furniture to show it all off. You will experience your music in a way you never could have imagined and we promise goosebumps.

  • Room calibration
  • Acoustic Treatments
  • Speaker Placement
  • Power Management

Outdoor Audio Systems Installation

All that fantastic audio gear inside, and you pull out a 1990's boombox for entertaining outside? No, we can’t have that. We will work with you or your landscape designer to incorporate on-wall, rock, landscape speakers, in-ground subwoofers, and buried cables to create an outdoor music system that delivers serious sound, blends in with your landscaping, and can handle rain, wind, snow - you name it. Directional high-performance music systems won't disturb the neighbors and give you the functionality and performance that will blow you away. Take the fun outside.

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