I started with World Wide Stereo in late 2009 and I am now a Senior Product Specialist on our online support team. I've been in the audio industry since 1975, with my first job at a Sam Goody store and I've worked for many of the major (and not so major) audio stores in the Philadelphia area as both a sales trainer and a sales manager. I pride myself on my unique knowledge of the human experience, psychology, behavior, and the sales experience. But way beyond that, I live and breathe music and sound. I grew up in a professional music household and as an adult continue to live in one. As a former recording engineer for the Philadelphia Orchestra, I've captured an eclectic variety of music and studied the emotionality of how music is played and how it is perceived, listened to, and appreciated. I continue to mix live concert sound and practice as a musician myself. Music is raw emotion. I’ve spent a lifetime studying rehearsal behavior, performance behavior and listening behavior. The more a sound system can be improved to be a part of an individual acoustic environment, the better the emotional listening experience is. Helping a listener get the closest to that experience is what I do. To that end, I fancy myself a critical listening system set up artist. Once accomplished, the emotionality of the music and the recording is witnessed on a very different level than just taking the components out of the boxes and connecting the cables.

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