Home Theater Speaker : Packages & Systems

Home theaters, whether custom-made variations worthy of a Hollywood director or spare bedroom variations worthy of visiting in-laws, have long been a World Wide Stereo specialty. For DIYers looking for a serious setup and zero hassle, we offer all-inclusive pro-level home theater sound system packages with everything you need: speakers, subwoofer, receiver, DVD/Blu-ray player… not to mention all cables and brackets. Don’t want to drill holes and route wires? Check out our newest wireless surround sound home theater systems. and if you’re looking to put together a home theater with components hand-picked for that goosebump-raising, disbelief-suspending, reality-warping experience, three things: 1) you’re one of us, 2) please feel free to chat with our experts for advice., and 3) check out our Home Theater Systems Buying Guide for a lay of the land and our Best Home Theater Systems of 2022.