Ron has been with World Wide Stereo nearly since day 1, as have many of his clients. On his way to becoming an electrical engineer at Chestnut Hill College, he walked into our small stereo back in 1979 and never left. If you haven't seen this video about our story, it showcases why clients have been putting their trust in Ron for over 40 years and counting. Each project, no matter the scope, receives his full measure of energy, skills, and passion that define and are the guiding compass of World Wide Stereo's culture.

Ron specializes in all of World Wide Stereo's inspired home entertainment and technology systems including high performance Wi-Fi networks, Lutron lighting and shading control systems, and dedicated home cinemas. Ron's prefers action movies to romantic comedies - with the new Top Gun Maverick movie topping his list. When asked about his hobbies? His response: World Wide Stereo. But really, we all know that Ron's favorite pastime is riding his John Deere tractor around on his 6 acres, all of which maintain impeccable full-property Wi-Fi coverage so he can listen to music via his noise-cancelling headphones. Dog Jack in his lap, and Rascal Flatts on his playlist.

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