4 Ways to Take Your Outdoor Space from Scenic to SPECTACULAR!


You’ve created a beautiful outdoor space and have invited your neighbors over to show off. Are you going fire up that brand new grill and then pull out a Bluetooth speaker to entertain your guests? Do you really want incoming phone calls and text alerts to disturb the mood? I didn’t think so. A well-executed outdoor entertainment system can really enhance your family’s outdoor experience and it doesn’t have to break the bank or be an eyesore. There are plenty of choices. You can start with one speaker and add on overtime or design a fully integrated system that might include music wherever you want it. Perhaps an all-season weatherproof outdoor TV by the firepit or spa and well-positioned landscape lighting to define your space. Control it all at the press of a button on your smartphone or by simply asking your device to turn on “Party Mode”. The options are comfortably endless.

1. Outdoor Music Systems

Today’s outdoor speakers are completely weatherproof and deliver incredible sound while blending seamlessly into their surroundings. No rust, no drilling into the side of your house, no ladders, and no complaints from the neighbors! Plus, armored direct-burial speaker cable keeps the speaker wire out of sight and protects it from garden tools. Landscape speaker systems, when properly installed, provide jaw-dropping audio performance from small satellite speakers that look like premium low voltage light fixtures and below-ground subwoofers that are hidden out of sight amongst your foliage. Speakers can be directed inwards towards the property so that your music won’t bother your neighbors. But make no mistake, they rock!

What about music for small outdoor spaces?

Rock speakers in natural colors and textures are designed to hide in garden beds while Planter Speakers come in a wide variety of styles and materials. These are beautiful in design and enhance the look of your pool, patio or deck and contribute to the overall setting. Landscape speakers will work as well - for example, the new Patio Series from Sonance is designed specifically for smaller spaces.

Are my landscapers going to hate having these speakers in my backyard?

No, they are going to love them! Discreetly placed speakers in the foliage and buried in the ground are less intrusive to landscape care and maintenance. This, along with our armored direct-burial speaker cable, makes it very difficult for them to get accidentally cut from digging, tree planting, etc.

2. Weatherproof Outdoor TVs

Imagine hosting a movie night or a Super Bowl watch party in your own backyard. Outdoor TVs enhance beautifully designed outdoor spaces - from rooftops to balconies to poolside cabanas - and bring families and friends together. Weatherproof and sleek, 4K TVs built specifically for shaded or sunny areas deliver best-in-class video performance in a fully weatherproof package.

3. Reliable & Secure Outdoor Wi-Fi

Full-property Wi-Fi has become a must for many homeowners with growing families looking for secure and stable networks for the growing number of devices and streaming services in use. Ask Alexa or Google to turn on your favorite playlist while you grill up some burgers. Or take advantage of a work from home day by answering emails by the pool. We can install an outdoor-rated wireless access point anywhere on your property so that you have the same safe and stable connectivity as you have inside.

4. Transformative Landscape Lighting

A comfortable, well-lit outdoor entertaining space becomes an extension of your family’s home, adding to the livable square footage of your property. Incorporate path lights for safety or highlight architectural details and landscape features for curb appeal and added drama. Proper lighting not only adds ambience, but also adds to the value of your home.

Is there maintenance involved?

The short answer is rarely if at all. Modern entertainment products are built for the worst conditions and won’t corrode or flake over time. You will get years of reliable music listening and our TV’s have been installed on aircraft carriers, on deck! For your landscape lighting, we do recommend seasonal visits to adjust the lighting in trees as they grow over time to re-aim and position the lighting for the best effect.

Ready to get started?

Let World Wide Stereo hook you up with the right outdoor entertainment gear, weather-proof and invisible. Customize your space with an outdoor TV or projector, outdoor music, landscape lighting, and even full-property Wi-Fi coverage to control it all. Not sure what solution is best for your space? Our experts will come to your home and do a free on-site consultation, including a speaker demo, so you can hear exactly what they'll sound like in your own backyard. It's time to go play outside!

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