Sonance Landscape Series : Outdoor Speakers and Lighting

Sonance Landscape Series : Outdoor Speakers and Lighting

Invisible, knock-your-socks-off outdoor music... that won't piss off the neighbors.

Every spring, we get a ton of calls and questions about outdoor entertainment setups; sound systems specifically. Which is best, how much do they cost, will my neighbors hate me… that sort of thing. One such customer, a major local radio personality, gave us a call and wanted us to bring his music outside! World Wide Stereo system designer and music aficionado, Adam Domurad got right to work.  The property was a fair sized area fenced in for privacy with lush landscaping, a beautiful pool, and a patio area that includes an intimate fire pit. Neighbors are all around so keeping the music contained was a priority.   

Adam felt that the Sonance Landscaping System – a totally scalable outdoor entertainment and speaker system that’s crazy good for the money - would be a good fit. Because it’s fairly impossible to give a true-to-life demonstration of an outdoor sound system in our stores, Adam was happy to go out to their house and set up a live Sonance demo, no charge. This is a standard service we provide to all our customers local to our showrooms (more on that later).

The Sonance Landscaping System is designed to suit any size backyard.

Unlike some other systems, the 70 volt / 100 volt Sonance system uses a daisy-chain configuration, where satellite speakers and subwoofers attach to a 4-core cable in an alternating left / right arrangement. And should you ever move to Warren Buffet’s neighborhood – with a bigger backyard – scaling up is easy. You can take the system with you, extend the cable, and add as many speakers as you might possibly want. Constant voltage amplifiers let you safely operate your outdoor entertainment system over long distances.

Satellite Speakers

Sound quality is where Sonance really shines. Three different speaker models are available to suit any space or volume level. And whether you want ambient background music or true, live rock concert (turned up to 11) sound, what you hear gets surprisingly close to an indoor high-end Hi-Fi system. And Sonance’s weatherproof satellite speakers are made to look like high-end landscape lighting, so they blend in.

Sonance Landscape Satellite Speakers
Sonance Satellite Speaker Placement

Underground Bass - Did the Earth move, or was that just us?

Sonance’s 10” and 12” below-ground subwoofers round everything out with a level of depth and detail – and punch – you’d never expect outside. The 10” proved ideal for this installation to blanket as much area as possible (I wonder how gophers, moles and rabbits would react. Anyone?)

Sonance In-ground Subwoofer
Buried subwoofer placement

Mounting Options

Crucial to the installation is speaker placement. Sonance outdoor speakers come with a number of mounting options and hardware. Ground stakes and surface mounts let you hide speakers in gardens, trees, gazebos and so on, plus Sonance’s all-weather design = no chipping or scratching, even if you hit it with the weed-whacker. Everything has that nice, solid, durable feel. 

The Neighbors

Sonance’s triple-sealed speaker enclosures were built to take anything Mother Nature can dish up (surf, sun, sand, snow), and they do an excellent job of isolating sound only where you want it.  So what the neighbors don’t hear, won’t hurt them… and if 70s disco is your dirty little secret, no one has to know.

Killer Sound. Even Coverage.

In this project, we strategically placed satellite speakers and subwoofers around the perimeter of the client's yard and directed all sound towards their living (play) area. The end effect? Full-bodied music pouring out from gardens, planters and even the trees above and ground below…  heavenly.  Or romantic, or enchanting, or inspired, or yeah, even spooky with the right playlist.

Glowing Reviews

We’re adding our name to the list of Hi-Fi experts, critics and respected reviewers everywhere who are raving about Sonance’s outdoor entertainment systems. Best bang for the buck, best sound quality, smart, adaptable, and so on.

Want to learn more?

To schedule your free demo, call 215-368-8343 or email us at Our audio techs will come out and position Sonance speakers and subwoofers in strategic areas for even coverage, tap into your playlist, and then let you hear just how well Sonance performs in your own backyard entertainment system. 

Meet the System Designer

Adam Domurad

Adam Thomas Domurad

Started at World Wide Stereo: 2009

Favorite Bands: Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble, Steely Dan

Favorite Movies: Top Gun, Gladiator, Star Wars (Empire Stikes Back)

Home Equipment: 65” TV with full surround sound. Music throughout the house. My phone controls everything in my house. Lights/Security/all the speakers inside and out. My favorite piece of equipment is my Turntable!

Fun Fact: I am really good at quoting movies, and my nickname at work is the technology whisperer.

Favorite Customer Experience: After installing a new Stereo system, B&W speakers and McIntosh Equipment,  I put on a cut from my Oscar Peterson Trio vinyl album. When the cut was done, we both looked at each other; my customer's eyes were watering and I had goosebumps from head to toe. We were both speechless because there were no words to explain the experience we both just had.

Personal: Married to my beautiful wife Stef.  I have 4 kids; Connor, Logan, Skyler, and Victoria.  I played a lot of football, and I play classical piano, drums, sing, and play the guitar.

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