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An Outdoor Entertainment Oasis with a Hidden TV

When a couple of longtime customers of World Wide Stereo called to ask if I could help with their outdoor entertainment setup, I couldn't wait to get things moving. As we talked about what they wanted, there were a few requirements that presented some unique challenges. 

For one, they wanted a big outdoor TV that was hidden when it wasn’t in use. They also wanted audio equipment that would supply an awesome party playlist, but not disrupt the overall look of their backyard — a request we often get!

After working together and discussing the right products for their needs, we ended up creating an outdoor entertainment setup that quickly became their at-home oasis.

Check out the video below to see the transformation, or read on for more details!

Where oh where to hide a 65” TV...

At first, the most obvious place to install the TV was in front of the windows of the sunroom. However, this meant it would also block the view from the sunroom, so that didn’t work. The customer suggested recessing the TV into the large A-frame roof structure. I thought it was a cool idea, but had never done it before. 

So, I did some research to find the perfect solution...

Now you see the TV... now you don't.

In order to make this possible, we needed a setup that would lift the TV into the roof. So we called our friends at Nexus 21a company that creates lifts and furniture to hide televisions. They have an outdoor TV lift, so we wanted to make sure it could handle moving a 65” Sunbrite TV into the roof. Boy, were we happy to find out it did!

We worked closely with the contractor to ensure we had the proper framing to handle both the weight of the TV and the lift. Nexus 21 also provided a trap door solution for the TV to come out of. So when it’s in the ceiling, you don’t even notice it.

Recessed Outdoor TV

Sound for every corner in the backyard.

Music and TV audio was very important to our clients. While they wanted the entire outdoor space to be filled with sound, they didn’t want it to drown out conversations with friends and family. 

They also wanted to maintain the look and feel of their beautifully landscaped yard, so big, in-your-face speakers weren’t going to work.

Blending in the speakers with the landscaping.

With the customer’s needs in mind, I went with the Origin Acoustic landscape speakers. They’re discreet and blend in with the environment. Two in-ground subwoofers were also installed to complement the satellites and provide the oomph most customers are looking for when listening to music.

In the covered sunroom, we installed two speakers up high near the roof line. This created a great sense of height to match the TV when watching their favorite football game.

Controlling the audio in different areas.

Using Sonos for wireless audio, we created three listening “zones” so the homeowners could control the volume independently in each area. This way, the hubby could watch his favorite team on the field with his buddies, while the wife caught up with her friends by the pool. And when they're ready to create the ultimate party experience, all speakers could be grouped together for even more powerful sound.

To make it easy to control all their new gear, we recommended a weather-resistant Universal Remote. With it, the homeowners could control all of the equipment located in the basement (aka “command center”) of the home.

The ultimate outdoor entertainment setup.

While this was a challenging project, it was a fun one to be involved with! Our customers were thrilled with the results and couldn’t wait to invite friends over to enjoy it.

Inspired by this story? Contact one of our experts to learn more about outdoor entertainment setups and home installations.

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Meet the system designer: Dave Sailer

Dave Sailer Dave Sailer
Started at World Wide Stereo:1995

Favorite Bands: Pink Floyd, Bee Gees, Van Halen (not Van Hagar) and Godsmack

Favorite Movies: Die Hard, Space Balls, Top Gun, Wall E

Addicted to / obsessed with: Philadelphia Eagles, Call of Duty, Pork Roll, IPA’s, listening to music outside (Sirius/XM 70’s, Utopia and Turbo), and beating  our project manager, Tim Kolesar, at Yahtzee

Pets: A 9 lb. dark brown cockapoo named Shelby. She is the definition of a lap dog.

Personal: Married to Netty for 20 blissful years. Our 3 kids Camryn, Emily, and Lukas keep us young and busy. Love our annual vacation spot in the Crest.

Fun Fact: I take pride in knowing artists and titles of songs from the 70’s on. Song Pop anyone?

Favorite customer story: Having a great relationship with a customer to the point where he invited my family to their shore home and allowed Luke to drive his motorboat out in the ocean!

Home Equipment: Sonos everywhere. Klipsch landscape and rock speakers outside. Klipsch RF7 in the man cave (sounds like a rock concert). Three plasma TVs… can you tell OLED is in my near future?

Parting Words: The 70’s is the greatest decade of music. Sorry, there is no room for debate.


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  • JS

    Hi Dave, have you ever worked with Cosmos Outdoor TV? Im 100% curious with this brand since because the features and specs on their website are quite promising. Thank you and looking forward to it.

  • MM

    Hi JS, Thank you for your inquiry! I have not worked with Cosmos - we partner with Seura and Sunbrite Outdoor TVs. If you're in the local PA area, I'd love for you to stop by one of our showrooms so we can talk about your project needs. We also have TVs on display for you to evaluate. Here's a link to our showrooms page: https://www.worldwidestereo.com/pages/showrooms If you're not in the local area, feel free to give me a call at 215-368-8343. Thank you, Dave

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