Outdoor Entertainment: Hiding A Patio TV


When one of my longtime clients wanted help with their outdoor entertainment setup, I couldn't wait to dive in. As we talked about what they wanted, it became evident that this was a going to be a super cool installation.

For one, the clients wanted a proper TV and full backyard audio setup with access to their complete music library and streaming, but they wanted it all to disappear when not in use. This is a request we often get, especially for outdoor systems and being able to surround our clients in their music without disrupting their surroundings is a luxury that technology and design and proper planning and installation has made possible. And it's something that World Wide Stereo specializes in.

Check out the video below to see the transformation, or read on for more details!

Where oh where to hide a 65” TV...

The star of the show was the 65-inch Sunbrite all-weather outdoor TV. The most obvious place to install the TV was in front of the windows of the sunroom, however, that would also mean compromising the view from the sunroom. The client wanted the TV to disappear not into a cabinet or piece of furniture, but instead into the roof of the patio - recessing it into the large A-frame roof structure. Now we're talking!

Now you see the TV... now you don't.

In order to make this possible, we needed a setup that would lift the TV into the roof. So we called our friends at Nexus 21, a company that creates lifts and furniture to hide televisions. Their outdoor TV lift turned out to be the perfect solution to handle moving a 65” Sunbrite TV into the roof.

We worked closely with the client's contractor to ensure we had the proper framing to handle both the weight of the TV and the lift. Nexus 21 also provided a trap door solution for the TV to emerge from and close back into so when the TV is raised to be put away, it's completely hidden in the the paneling design of the ceiling. And it's all motorized.

Recessed Outdoor TV

Sound for every corner in the backyard.

Music and TV audio was very important to our clients. While they wanted the entire outdoor space to be filled with sound, they didn’t want it to drown out conversations with friends and family.

They also wanted to maintain the look and feel of their beautifully landscaped yard, so big, in-your-face speakers weren’t going to work.

Blending in the speakers with the landscaping.

With the customer’s needs in mind, I went with the Origin Acoustic landscape speakers. They’re discreet and blend in with the environment. Two in-ground subwoofers were installed to complement the satellites and provide the oomph to drive the beat of the party.

Origin Acoustics landscape speaker
Origin Acoustics landscape speaker

In the covered sunroom, we installed two speakers up high, out of site, near the roof line. This created a great sense of height to match the TV when watching football games.

Outdoor Kitchen and hidden TV
Roofline speaker

Controlling the audio in different areas.

Using Sonos for wireless audio, we created three listening “zones” so the homeowners could control the volume independently in each area. The client wanted to be able to watch his favorite team on the field with his buddies in the patio area, while his wife hangs out with her friends by the pool. And when they're ready to create the ultimate party experience, all speakers can be grouped together for even more powerful sound.

To make it easy to control all their new gear, we recommended a weather-resistant Universal Remote. With it, the homeowners could control all of the equipment nicely tucked away out of site in the basement (aka “command center”) of the home.

The ultimate outdoor entertainment setup.

This was such a fun project to be a part of. Our clients were thrilled with the results and couldn’t wait to invite friends over to enjoy it.

Inspired by this story? Contact one of our experts to learn more about outdoor entertainment setups and home installations.

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Origin Acoustics AS41
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Origin Acoustics A1250
Origin Acoustics A1250
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Universal Remote MXW-920
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