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IMAX Projection Systems

IMAX’s state-of-the-art private screening room in Santa Monica is where legendary filmmakers like James Cameron, JJ Abrams and Christopher Nolan behold their films in IMAX for the first time. The IMAX Private Theatre™ is modeled after this directors’ mecca, beginning with IMAX’s one-of-a-kind, industry-leading dual 4K projection systems. Stunningly vivid, pristine, lifelike images unfold before (and around) you to create an adrenaline-driving experience—whether in 2D or 3D—that’s way, way more than a movie.

IMAX Sound

Chest-thumping power and incredible range, yet skin-tinglingly precise—thanks to a custom, patented 7.1-channel surround-sound system whose laser-aligned speakers deliver the unrivaled IMAX experience to your core. And you’re not the only one listening: the microphones of IMAX’s clever (and exclusive) self-tuning system check and calibrate each individual channel daily, to ensure you’re immersed in sound that’s pinpoint-perfect.
IMAX Theater Design

IMAX Theatre Design

It starts with a legendary screen unlike any other—wall to wall, floor to ceiling, and curved to fill your peripheral vision and wrap you in the action. But that’s not all: we’ll engineer the shape of the room and even the location of the seats to create the signature IMAX experience no other theater can match.

IMAX 24/7/365 Monitoring and Support

Let’s make sure the ultimate home theater experience stays that way. Round-the-clock support and a 5-minute response time, coupled with predictive maintenance and performance-optimization, ensure every moment in your IMAX Private Theatre will be IMAX-incredible.

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