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Founded in 2007, Devialet is a French acoustical engineering company operating at the intersection of luxury and cutting edge technology. Devialet is on a mission to redefine the place of sound in people's lives by delivering uniquely meaningful audio experiences. The company is one of the most-awarded in the history of audio with more than 90 awards and is rooted in a series of patented innovations (+200 patents filed) embedded within their line of products, which include wireless speakers (including Phantom I speakers, Phantom II speakers, and Dione Soundbars), and true wireless earbuds Devialet Gemini. Tomorrow's Technologies. Today. Every day, Devialet engineers, mechanics, electricians, IT and signal processing experts come together in their Paris ateliers. They work tirelessly towards the same goal: inventing the sound technologies of tomorrow.

Devialet Innovations

Devialet's founding invention, Analog Digital Hybrid or ADH® is a groundbreaking technology that changes the way you experience sound. By blending all the sophistication of Class A analog with all the power and compactness of Class D digital technology.

ACE refers to Phantom’s uniquely cospherical conception. Inspired by Olson’s pulsating sphere principle. The ideal acoustic form. Inspired by the laws of acoustics, Phantom’s functional design guarantees beautifully balanced, multi-dimensional sound distribution with zero surface diffraction.

SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) processes the sound signal, enabling Phantom to precisely match the conditions of the original recording. So its loudspeakers can reproduce the exact same sound pressure level as your music source.

To build the ultimate audio experience capable of revealing the full shock impact of music with ultra-compact design, Devialet engineering team invented a new technology: Heart Bass Implosion or HBI®. Phantom’s acoustic architecture pushes compactness and efficiency to new limits. HBI® takes you to the deepest bass ever reached for a system of this size.

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