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Cambridge Audio has long been synonymous with premium audio equipment, and their latest addition, the CXN100, lives up to that reputation with aplomb. Priced at $1099, this sleek and sophisticated device replaces the CXNV2 in the lineup, promising not just a streamlining of features but also a significant enhancement in performance.

Design & Unboxing Experience

Upon unboxing the CXN100, it's clear that Cambridge Audio has paid attention to detail. The packaging is straightforward, and setting up the device is a breeze. Inside the box, you'll find the essentials: a power cable, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna, and a bus control coax cable. The inclusion of the bus control coax cable, which doubles as a digital coax cable for audio, is a thoughtful touch. However, users looking for additional cables will need to purchase them separately. The overall unboxing experience is smooth and hassle-free, reflecting Cambridge Audio's commitment to user convenience.

Features & Connectivity

The CXN100 boasts an array of features tailored to cater to modern audiophiles. Utilizing the Stream Magic app, users can effortlessly control their streaming experience, whether it's accessing online music services, browsing their personal library, or customizing playback settings. Seamless integration with other Cambridge Audio C Series products further enhances the versatility of the CXN100, allowing users to create a comprehensive audio setup tailored to their preferences.

Inputs & Outputs

The Cambridge Audio CXN100 streamer offers a comprehensive array of inputs and outputs, catering to a wide range of audio setups and preferences. Here's a breakdown of the I/O options available:

1. AC Power Jack

Starting from the left, the CXN100 features a standard 3-prong AC power jack for connecting to a power source, which also allows you to use your own power cable if you wish. This also allows you to upgrade your power cable to something a bit more robust.

2. USB Type-A Input

Next in line is a USB Type-A input, allowing users to connect a flash drive or network-attached storage (NAS) device directly to the CXN100. This feature enables convenient playback of audio files stored on external drives, providing flexibility and ease of access to your digital music library. We also find a USB Type-B input, which allows you to connect to a laptop or desktop computer.

3. Network connectivity

The inclusion of an Ethernet port provides a wired network connection option, ensuring a more stable network connection. Wi-fi also works perfectly fine, but it’s nice to have the option to chose which is best for you.

4. Digital Inputs & Outputs

A pair of digital inputs and outputs are available, featuring both digital coaxial and digital optical connections. These serve two purposes. The first is allowing you to run the CXN100 into an outboard, high quality Digital to Analog Converter, such as the DAC Magic 200, and the other allows you to use the CXN100 as a digital to analog converter for another external source, like a CD transport.

5. Analog Outputs

For analog connections, the CXN100 offers a pair of RCA connections, providing a traditional analog output option for connecting to amplifiers, receivers, or other analog audio equipment. Additionally, XLR connections are available for balanced audio output, ensuring optimal signal integrity and minimizing interference for audiophile-grade performance.

Connectivity options are abundant, with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ensuring effortless wireless streaming. The inclusion of the bus control coax cable expands connectivity possibilities, facilitating integration with external devices and ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio setups.

Sound Quality

Where the CXN100 truly shines is in its sound quality. Cambridge Audio's commitment to delivering an unparalleled listening experience is evident from the moment you press play. Whether you're streaming your favorite tracks, or enjoying high-resolution audio files, the CXN100 delivers rich, detailed sound with remarkable clarity and precision. From soaring highs to rumbling lows, every note is reproduced faithfully, ensuring an immersive and engaging listening experience that will delight even the most discerning audiophiles.


In conclusion, the Cambridge Audio CXN100 streamer is a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence. With its intuitive interface, seamless connectivity, and impeccable sound quality, it sets a new standard for what a streaming device can achieve. While the price tag may be steep for some, the CXN100 more than justifies its cost with its exceptional performance and versatility. Whether you're a casual listener or a dedicated audio enthusiast, the CXN100 is sure to elevate your listening experience to new heights.


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