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A Dolby Atmos Theater at Home? Let's Do It

Earlier this year we completed a front projection Dolby Atmos home theater for a Pennsylvania based client. What started as a water damage restoration project for the clients, turned into a turn-key state-of-the-art entertainment space thanks to the vision of WWS Vice President Ron Rumer and WWS partner Cinematech, an industry expert in luxury theater seating and acoustical room treatments. The interesting twist was the shape of the room: it wasn't rectangular - which throws off screen to seating ratio and acoustics. Soffits were installed for lighting , HVAC was added for climate control, and we re-shaped the room by moving the doorway to the opposite side - finishing the space for maximum comfort and an elevated movie-watching experience.

The ARS (Acoustic Room System - as in the acoustic treatment) portion of the theater is completely hidden behind the acoustical fabric. The room treatment provides the foundation for the components that make up the 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos theater, including a powerful JL Audio subwoofer for an extra deep bass response. Properly placed absorption, reflective, and diffusion panels using the ARS modeling program assured our clients that they would receive the best return on their equipment and speaker investment, bringing balanced sound quality throughout the space. The theater features an Epson best-in-class 4K projector, a Stewart 2:35 perforated screen, a Yamaha Aventage receiver (with Atmos), and Origin speakers in a 5.1.4 Atmos sound configuration. It's that ".4" added to the "5.1" that gives you the Atmos - that extra layer of overhead sound for a fully accurate and immersive experience. And then of course the Universal Remote Control solution keeps system operation intuitive for our clients - ease of use is key and brings it all home.