Your Guide to Home Theater Projectors with Bob Cole & WMMR's Steve Morrison

Bring home the movie theater experience and make this a holiday they'll never forget. With a home theater projector and screen, you'll upgrade family movie night and Netflix binges for years to come. Check out the video below to get Bob & Steve's favorite home theater picks.

Video transcript

Steve: Alright, Steve Morrison here from The Preston & Steve Show. Here at World Wide Stereo with Bob Cole. Bob, don't talk during the movie.

Bob: So you want to be in my movie, I understand.

Steve: Yes. This is your theater. This is a theater here at World Wide Stereo.

Bob: Well, I told you I'd put you in my movie. Here we are.

Steve: This is astonishing. So this is the kind of stuff you guys are known for.

Bob: Absolutely.

Steve: The theater experience at home. You've told us many times about how sound and the whole atmosphere is such an integral part of a movie experience. This screen here, everything, you feel like you're in your own theater but yet you can have this in your home.

Bob: Absolutely.

Steve: And it's all price ranges, correct?

Bob: All price ranges.

Steve: Alright, so what are we looking at here? And obviously I assume the key to this is the projectors, which are now 4K.

Bob: 4K, this is laser powered. It's Sony's best.

Steve: Don't you feel like you're right here, right in it?

Bob: And the whole idea of the real theater is it's not like a theater in a kitchen or in a family room. This feels like a theater.

Steve: You're going to a theater. How big is this screen?

Bob: This screen's 118 inches.

Steve: Alright, so Bob you've taken me into another room. We're looking at one of your projectors. We were just talking about the projectors in the other theater room and now we can see what the unit looks like.

Bob: Right, so, you know, that was a $60,000 projector. This is Sony's new $5,000 projector — the Sony VPL-VW285ES.

Steve: I've heard a lot about this.

Bob: Adam, you want to talk about it?

Adam: This projector coming in at $5,000, still does 4K, still does HDR, has a ton of brightness to it, and it looks fantastic. You don't have to spend that kind of money. You can get, for $5,000, you can get a really, really great theater and a great projector.

Steve: So, to have that theater experience for about five grand and the tech keeps coming. So to be on the cutting edge of everything, that's what you guys do best. But we're here in what is another theater room with the screen. How big is this screen here, Bob?

Bob: That's 108 inches.

Steve: Hundred and eight inches. Now, is this a dedicated... looks like a dedicated theater room.

Bob: Yeah, doesn't it? But no, Adam. It's a family room. So we do this. We install shades, but this is a total blackout shade.

Steve: Wow that is wild.

Bob: So here we are, family room.

Steve: - So this looked like a bookshelf, regular bookshelf, but it was hiding a window. So with that down and everything shut up, we're in pitch black darkness here.

Bob: Yeah, absolutely.

Steve: So you've got a theater. You could do this with any room configuration?

Bob: Any room you want. And, you know, we can block off doorways, you know, big openings, archways.

Steve: Because sometimes you want to watch a movie in the afternoon and you can't wait until night time.

Bob: Absolutely. Yeah.

Steve: So...or you want to watch anything, you want to watch the game or whatever. This projector here is amazing. It's very quiet. I'm not hearing anything, really. Alright, awesome. And again, $5,000 gets you a theater in your home. There you go, World Wide Stereo.

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