McIntosh MAC6700 Stereo Receiver Review


The McIntosh MAC6700 stereo receiver is one that you'll never outgrow. Why? Because it's built to last.

Featuring plenty of inputs so you can play music from any source, 200 watts per channel and three sets of outputs (8-, 4-, and 2-ohms), you can trust that you'll be able to power almost any speaker out there with insanely minimal distortion. This powerhorse of a receiver also makes it easy to enjoy your favorite high-res music files (thanks to the built-in digital-to-analog converter), creating the ultimate, flexible audio experience. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Ready to take a peek at the MAC6700? Get the complete overview by watching our product tour below.

Video transcript

This is McIntosh's MAC6700 stereo receiver. This is a lot of pieces combined into one package.

It's a very high-quality preamp with lots of inputs. It has two phono inputs, one for moving coil cartridge and one for a turntable with a moving magnet cartridge.

There's a built-in DAC, digital-to-analog converter, so you can hook up digital sources. You can hook them up coaxial or optically.

It also has a USB input for hooking up your computer for high-resolution music. It's a headphone amplifier of extremely high quality.

There's an AM/FM tuner built into it. The FM reception is wonderful. The AM is off the charts, not in terms of sound quality, in terms of reception. So if you want to pick up the ball game or listen to the news, this will pick up more AM stations noise-free than probably anything you've ever seen.

The star of the show is the amplifier. The amplifier has Sentry Monitor to protect it from short circuits. The amplifier has McIntosh's blue watt meters, so you can stay within the limits of your speakers. The amp also has Power Guard, which means if you went past the full power of this (which is pretty hard to do), the amplifier will prevent itself from clipping.

And then it has the McIntosh output Transformers or Autoformers. What they do is they allow the amplifier to deliver full power into any speaker.

So you've probably noticed on the back of speakers, they may say 8-ohms, 4-ohms, sometimes even 2-ohms. You've always got to make sure your amplifier is matched to your speaker. Not in the case of the MAC6700. This has three sets of speaker outputs for 8-ohm speakers, 4-ohm speakers, and 2-ohm speakers. So any speaker you connect to this, you'll get all the power you paid for and the same ultra-low distortion. I can't really tell you what the distortion of this is. It's rated for an absolute maximum of 0.005%, but it actually measures much less than that.

So if you're looking for an amplifier that's going to be very hard to outgrow, this is one amplifier that once you get, you can pretty much cross "upgrade amp" off the bucket list for the rest of your life.

McIntosh MAC6700 Stereo Receiver

McIntosh MAC 6700 Stereo Receiver

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