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The Project

This project is a stunning representation of what can happen with a design-first, client-centric approach to technology design... or rather, lifestyle design. It's not about the products, it's about the experience. At World Wide Stereo, our project development process begins with a deep dive with the client to gain an understanding of how they live/how they want to live, their style and preferences, and key elements of the home build so that technology can integrate organically and seamlessly into the home.

We were fortunate to be brought into this project during the build and construction phase and when we have the opportunity to partner with a client in the early stages of a new home build or renovation, we have a blank palette with limitless opportunities to craft thoughtful solutions. Nothing has to be retrofitted or compromised to work around existing architecture or design elements. Our clients on this particular project have a true eye and talent for design themselves, so the last thing we wanted to do was propose solutions that would interrupt the home's architecture or aesthetic.

The result is a harmonious integration of technology, design, and lifestyle. Everything in this home truly has a purpose, a place, and looks like it was always meant to be there. And, everything can be controlled from a single, intuitive app - from the main living space, to even the closets and bathrooms, music, movies, lighting, privacy, streaming services, and more.

Location: Fort Washington, PA

Scope: Custom Home Network and full-property Wi-Fi. Home control system with whole house lighting and music. Home theater and dedicated media spaces.
Equipment: Lutron, Samsung, Bowers & Wilkins, Leon, Audioquest, LG, Sonance, Sonos, Integra
Sales & System Designer: Ron Rumer, World Wide Stereo , Montgomeryville & Ardmore, PA
Interior Designer: Kerry Udinski, World Wide Stereo and Client
Builder: Sal Paone Builders

The whole team at World Wide Stereo sets the bar so high for residential technology integration firms that if we moved out of the area, I fear no other firm would be able to reproduce my wish list to their exact standards and professional work. No matter what stage of our home project we were in, the service, recommendations and price awareness provided by WWS was seamless, easy and honest. We first met with WWS during the construction of our new home to plan out our spaces with TVs, surround sound audio, and built in speaker systems powered by Sonos. The recommendations were amazing, the install perfect, and we love using the tech from this initial stage daily. We also met with one of their in house designers to plan for Lutron window coverings - they’re amazing, go up and down with the push of a button or a quick command to Siri. As we built out our basement as an entertainment space WWS’ recommendations and advice were perfect, our family loves watching games and movies on the huge projector screen. As we moved onto new projects in our home, the team at WWS installed a speaker system on our deck that integrated seamlessly into the setup we already had and are looking forward to doing the same once our pool goes in and they install an outdoor speaker system. Our whole home WiFi system built out by WWS has never failed us! Client
Frame TV in dining room
photo of dining room with Frame TV from an angle

When technology solutions are thoughtfully considered at the beginning of a new home build, the technology disappears and the experience becomes front and center. Our goal is to architect technology systems as seamless extensions of the home and the homeowner's lifestyle and preferences. And that's really what this project is all about.

A TV in the dining room? Yes. The perfect example of a no compromise needed technology conversation between our savvy husband and wife clients. The 55-inch Samsung Frame TV with custom gilded bezel is perched over the fireplace as if priceless artwork instead of an unwanted eyesore. The TV changes from vibrant artwork to a football game at the touch of a button or voice command.

photo of living room with custom TV and sound bar enclosure

An 82-inch Samsung TV and Sonos surround system with a custom-width Leon TC Fit sound bar enclosure become part of the well-appointed living room. In-ceiling 8-inch Bowers & Wilkins speakers throughout the home provide streaming music in every room while blending into the decor and remaining unnoticed, including throughout the airy and spacious open porch.

photo of porch with in-ceiling speakers

Another important entertaining space is the master bedroom sanctuary. A 55-inch Samsung TV with sound bar is discreetly placed in a corner off the wet bar for a much-needed escape designed for late-night binge-watching without the kids.

Photo of living room
photo of living room with shades down
photo of living room with couch

Shades were installed throughout the home with fabric selection and styling support from our in-house design team.

Our client's new home is at the end of a cul-de-sac. A premium, quiet location within a development, but also a prime target for headlights from cars driving down their road at night and turning around. Sufficient privacy and light control was achieved with custom shades and window treatments for every room. Cellular shades let controlled amounts of light in while providing the benefits of privacy, insulation, and noise reduction. Not only do the shades keep out the headlights, but they protect interior artwork, upholstery, and clothing from the harmful rays of the sun (and this house has plenty of gorgeous beaming natural light).

We designed the home's lighting system with Lutron's "Intelligent Hembar Alignment" or IHA which synchronizes all motorized shades in a single space or entire building. This doesn't just look cool as shades are going up and down, it eliminates the possibility of shade misalignment and keeps windows treatments looking neat and tidy.

Dining room with open Lutron shades
Dining room with closed Lutron shades
Lutron shades in dining room

The arch of the custom windows in a dream walk-in closet flooded with natural light were left exposed at the top for a bespoke look to retain a view to the sky, while still offering plenty of privacy and UV-protection for the belongings within.

Closet with clothing organizers and Lutron shades
Closet with closed Lutron shades
Closeup of closet window with partially opened Lutron shades

Shades for the home theater room transform a bright space full of windows into a cozy light-controlled family room, perfect for movie-watching. An LG ceiling-mounted short-throw projector in white blends into the ceiling and in-wall Sonance speakers are painted to match and disappear into the wall. The 110-inch screen sits close to the wall to round out the powerful, yet aesthetically unobtrusive home theater system.

home theater with in-wall speakers, projector, and projector screen and open Lutron shades
in-wall speaker
LG short throw projector mounted to ceiling
home theater with in-wall speakers, projector, and projector screen and closed Lutron shades

For a family with a new baby on the way, light control can be a game-changer. Properly designed shades and window treatments can support your natural circadian rhythm and help regulate sleep schedules for everyone involved. Turn the blackout shades down for nap times during the day. Program shades to turn down for bedtime when it's still light out and stay down longer in the mornings to avoid early morning wake-ups at sunrise.

In addition to automated shades and window treatments throughout, a Lutron lighting system makes it easy to adjust lighting via keypads in each room or via a home control app on our client's smartphones and iPads. Dim the light, program different scenes throughout the day or by room. We specialize in human-centric lighting control and tuning lighting to our client's lifestyle.

photo of nursery with shades
Lutron Keypad in nursery
Lutron app on iPad

The backbone of the entire home is the high performance enterprise-grade home network. A home network doesn't just provide full-property fast and secure Wi-Fi, it ties all of the technology in a home together so that our clients can control it all - from lighting to shades, audio and video system, surveillance, climate control, and more - from a single, intuitive app on their phones. Our clients can adjust their thermostat, raise and lower their garage door, turn their dining room TV or basement home theater system on and off, set lights and shades to the "Good Morning" scene or "TV Chill" scene. Or push "Good Night" when they're ready for bed so they can ensure nothing is left on in the house that shouldn't be.

And, because this project was done in stages, our client's home network provides a foundation to more easily scale our client's home technology needs and add additional rooms/zones later on. The basement entertainment space, for example, was added later in the project, as was the audio system on the porch. Next up? An outdoor TV and audio system with lighting for the pool area going in next summer.

Meet the Designers

Ron Rumer contact information

Ron Rumer

Chief Regional Sales Director
Montgomeryville Showroom

215-368-5506, ext. 201


Kerry Udinski contact information

Kerry Udinski

Interior Designer 

866-961-7781, ext. 226


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