Car Stereo Upgrade: Ferrari 458 Italia Edition


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Can it get any better? Yes. Yes, it can.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a multi-award-winning mid-rear V8. The styling and aerodynamics of this performance vehicle were influenced by racing technology and have garnered over 30 international awards. This model's V8 was voted “Best Performance Engine” and “Best Engine Above 4 Litres” at the International Engine of the Year Awards. So, what else could it possibly need? How about a sound system to match - one that won't compromise or interfere with the integrity of the functional and ergonomic design that drivers and collectors swoon over time and time again.

Our challenge: The 458 is a well-built vehicle, using a lot of layers. In order to get to the speaker locations, for example, there was a fair amount of disassembly required for this project. Space is tight and the front trunk area wasn’t as weather-proof as we were hoping, so the amplifier and crossovers were mounted on the rear firewall to avoid exposure to the elements. The resulting look was sharp and clean, matching the style of the car beautifully and without interfering with the functional and ergonomic design.

Check out the video above for a full tour of the system we installed in this Ferrari 458 Italia by our very own system designer, Chris Mulhearn. And scroll down for the equipment list.

Focal Elite K2 Power
JL Audio Amplifier
Ferrari 458 Italia Passenger Door Open

Project Details and Equipment List

Car Make & Model: Ferrari 458 Italia
System Design: Chris Mulhearn,
Chris Mulhearn, Montgomeryville Showroom
Installation: Frank Polek, Montgomeryville Showroom

Front Speakers: Focal ES 165 KX2 6-½” component speakers. These speakers from Focal Audio were the logical choice in replacing the stock speakers. Not only do they sound incredible, but due to the location of the factory speakers, we knew that they would look good too.

Amplifier: JL Audio VX400/4i 4-channel amplifier. The VXi-series from JL Audio has a compact chassis, robust output, and reference-grade sound quality. This amplifier proved its versatility in powering both the front Focal speakers as well as the 8” JL Audio subwoofer.

Amplifier Wiring: JL Audio XD-PCS4-1B 4-gauge power kit and XB-BLUAIC-12 RCA cables. Great gear depends on solid wiring. This 4-gauge kit provided the required power for the amplifier to operate efficiently while the high-performance RCA cables ensured no noise would leak into the resulting sound.

Subwoofer: JL Audio 8W3v3-4 8” subwoofer. The client provided a custom-built enclosure box that was beautifully finished to match the interior of the Ferrari. Finished with a black steel mesh protective grille, the end result is seamless - as if the enclosure was built into the original design in the factory.

Back JL Audio Subwoofer
Ferrari 458 Dashboard
Ferrari Logo on the car
Overhead photo of Ferrari 458
Back of Ferrari 458

Meet the System Designer

Chris Mulhearn

Chris Mulhearn

Sales & System Designer
Montgomeryville Showroom

215-368-8343, ext. 412


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Hello Chris I would like to install a Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX into my Ferrari Scaglietti 2005 to upgrade to modern options
Its a headset, that fits into the space with some bracket modification.A company in New york can do it But i wanted to ask you first

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