Focal ES 165 KX2 K2 Power 6.5" 2-way Component Speaker System

Model: ES165KX2 UPC: 3544059750143 Item: 166074

New from Focal is the ES165KX2 6.5" 2-way component speaker kit. Part of the Elite series, these speakers feature Kevlar cones, inverted dome aramid fiber tweeters, and a pair of crossovers for rich, unadulterated sound. Maximize your driving experience by adding these speakers to your car.

ES165KX2 Feature:

  • From Focal's Elite line - the best of the best.
  • Woven aramid fiber tweeters for excellent transparency of sound.
  • W-sandwich cone woofer that delivers dynamic bass response.
  • Included crossovers for protection and tuning options.

Product Information

For the first time in about 7 years, Focal changed their distinct yellow K2 Power lineup. When we first heard this, we cringed. We LOVED the previous 165KRX2 model. Once the speakers were on-hand, broken-in, and thoroughly listened to, we changed our tune. The improvements that the Focal engineers performed gave more depth and transparency to the music. We thought that it would be impossible to improve upon the Elite K2 Power series. We were wrong.

ES165KX2 Features:

  • 6.5" premium 2-way component system
  • Woven Aramid fiber 1-1/8" tweeters
  • Kevlar sandwich woofer cones
  • Two crossover networks
  • Can be bi-wired/bi-amplified
  • Phase plugs for better sound dispersion

To say that they "upgraded" the overall sound quality doesn't do the improvements justice, but it is true. The largest adjustment that they made was to the woven Aramid fiber tweeter: they threw out the old inverted dome design and implemented a new "M"-shaped inverted dome tweeter. This improves the smoothness and precision of the high frequency reproduction. It also optimizes the imaging in your vehicle so that you almost "see" the band on the dash of your car or truck.

The crossovers were also re-worked and now feature more tuning adjustments than ever before: three total adjustments for the tweeter and one adjustment for the midbass driver. The more precise adjustments that you can make, the happier you're going to be with the end results. Focal also offers the ability to bi-wire/bi-amplify the component system. Or go ahead and hook it up in the traditional format: it's up to you.

The Kevlar sandwich woofer cones play amazingly low for dynamic midbass performance. The mid-range frequencies are engaging and life-like in their reproduction. Focal topped the midbass drivers with phase plugs to minimize standing waves that can disrupt your listening experience.


ES165KX2 Specifications:

  • Kevlar sandwich woofer cones
  • Woven Aramid fiber 1-1/8" inverted dome "M" tweeters
  • Nominal power range: 18-120 watts
  • Peak power handling: 240 watts
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 92.5 dB
  • Frequency response: 55Hz - 22kHz
  • Top-mount depth: 3"
  • Impedance: 2 ohms
  • Accessories: supplied grilles

What's in the Box

  • Two 6.5" midbass drivers w/ grilles (and metal grille mounting rings)
  • Two woven aramid fiber inverted dome tweeters w/ grilles
  • Two bi-ampable passive crossover networks
  • Owner's manual
  • ES165KRX2 serial number card
  • Two angled surface mounting cups for tweeters
  • Two flush-mount cups for tweeters
  • Two serrated steel washers for flush-mount cups
  • Two closed-cell foam midbass driver gaskets
  • Two strips of grille adhesive gum
  • Two Focal window decals
  • Small bag of mounting hardware (speed clips and screws)

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