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Zapco DSP-Z8 IV AT 8-Channel DSP with AutoTune and LCD Remote Control

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Product Information

Model: DSP-Z8IVAT | UPC: 8033373005237


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: DSP-Z8IVAT | UPC: 8033373005237

New Features, New Control, Improved Sound Quality

The new DSP-Z8 IV AT series processing takes the IV to a whole new level of performance and convenience. Sonically, the DSP-Z8 IV AT has all the qualities of the original IV with an even lower noise floor, upgrades to the PC interface to help in system setup and offer more system design possibilities, even automatic calibration (AutoTune) for equalization, signal delay, and phase, so your first tune can take minutes instead of hours... or even days. Just a click on the PC interface and the system tunes itself. All you’ll need is the optional calibration microphone (sold separately).


  • 8 channels of input, 8 channels of output
  • High-level and low-level inputs
  • Time alignment adjustments
  • Included remote control
  • High-definition Bluetooth streaming with optional HD-BT II-D adapter


The new Zapco Series IV GUI gives you all the great sound and functionality of the Series IV II and it adds coaxial digital input as well as optical digital and Bluetooth streaming. Drop-down menus also let you name each output channel to match your system setup. The added advanced menu also has a mixing set and an AutoTune function, when you add the optional calibrated tuning microphone. The new DSP-Z8 IV AT gives you more options for input selection. You can have up to 8 channels of input that you can set up instantly by simply choosing 2-Ch, 4-Ch, 6-Ch, or 8-Ch on the front-page inputs section. If you need to sum channels of a factory stereo to get a full range input just click SUM and the system does it all for you. But, if your system is more complicated than standard, you also have the option to enter the advanced menu and use the mixing set to manually give each channel exactly the amount of input from each input channel that will work best for your particular audio setup. From simple to advanced, the Zapco Series IV GUI has you covered.  

Auto Calibration

The DSP-IV series (except the ADSP-Z12 IV-10A and ADSP-Z16 IV-12A) processors give you automatic Calibration for Equalization, Phase, and Signal Delay, when you add the optional calibrated tuning microphone (sold separately). You can choose which function of functions you wish to have the system calibrate and you can choose which channels you wish to include in the calibration. Calibrating all channels for all functions can typically 5 to 10 minutes to do automatically what you might spend several hours doing.


  • DSP Processor: Cirrus Logic CS47048   
  • Power: 150 MHz/32 bit/192 KHz
  • 8-Channels IN, 8-Channels OUT
  • ADC: Cirrus Logic CS47048 32 bit/192 KHz
  • ADC Dynamic Range/THD: 108 dB/-98 dB
  • DAC: Cirrus Logic CS8422 24 bit/192 KHz
  • DAC Dynamic Range/THD: 140 dB/-120 dB
  • Low level (Pre)/Sensitivity: 1-5 VRMS
  • High Level (Spk In)/Sens.: 2-20 V
  • Digital Inputs: 24 bit-192 KHz
  • Freq. Response (-3dB): 10 Hz - 22.5 KHz
  • S/N Input: 110 dBA (D) - 106 dBA (A)
  • THD Input: 0,002% (D) - 0,005% (A)
  • Crosstalk at 1 Khz only DSP: 90 dB
  • F/R?EQ: 1-6 ch Gr. & Par./31 poles
  • Effect EQ: 7-8 ch Gr. & Par./11 poles
  • Mte/Solo: Yes, each channel
  • Time Align. (Range/Steps): 0/15 ms / 0.02 ms
  • Max Delay (Cm/Steps): 515 cm / 0.68 cm
  • Polarity: 0/180°
  • Remote Control: Included
  • HD-BT Streaming: With optional HD-BT II-D (sold separately)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.38” x 4.44” x 1.96”

What's In The Box

  • DSP-Z8 IV AT 8-Channel DSP with AutoTune and LCD Remote Control
  • Remote Control
  • Manual 
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