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TEAC W-1200 Dual Cassette Player and Recorder with Pitch Control, Mic Input, and USB Out for Recording to PC

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Product Information

Model: W1200B | UPC: 043774033515


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: W1200B | UPC: 043774033515

A New Standard Double Cassette Deck for the Next-Generation

Drawing on TEAC’s proud heritage in creating world-class tape decks, the W-1200 is a best-in-class dual cassette deck for the modern age. The W-1200 features two, one-way cassette decks, mic mixing, a USB digital output and other versatile recording features. In recent times, cassette tapes have fascinated those whom have never used them, thanks to their warm, distinctly analogue sound, not to mention the ease of recording and the ability to create 'mix-tapes'. TEAC set out to create a cassette deck that combined an excellent level of performance with an interface that suits the digital audio era. 

Dual Deck For Rec/Play

Two simple and reliable one-way cassette mechanisms are employed. During playback (or recording) of TAPE1, users are able to change the cassette tape in TAPE2, preparing it to play (or record) next. Since both of the decks have independent drive sections for control, when one deck is playing (or recording) users are able to operate the other deck (changing tapes, fast forwarding or rewinding,) without affecting the operation of the first deck, ensuring continuity of playback or recording. Both decks support the playback of Normal (Type I), Chrome (Type II), and Metal (Type IV) tapes, while supporting recording on Normal and Chrome-type tapes.

Noise Reduction System

The built-in noise reduction system suppresses the hiss noise that inherent in cassette tape playback. This allows cassette tapes that were recorded using Dolby NR in the past to be played back with sound quality that is close to the original.

Pitch Control + RTZ Functions

TAPE1 is equipped with a pitch control that changes playback speed (in order to restore the playback sound on old tapes to the original key) by allowing the adjustment of tape speed by ±12%. Moreover, by combining the Pitch control and A-B Repeat play, users are able to make voices easier to understand at reduced tape speeds when transcribing recorded meetings and speeches. Furthermore, both TAPE1 and TAPE2 are equipped with Return-to-Zero (RTZ) functions that make returning to them to their "0000" counter positions easy with the press of a single button.

Parallel Recording

Parallel Recording makes a pair of identical tapes at the same time on TAPE1 and TAPE2. It is a convenient way to provide someone a copy of a tape right after making a recording.

Dual Mode Rec Mute

The dual mode REC MUTE function allows users to erase unnecessary sections and to add spaces (silences) between tracks while recording. During recording or rec-standby, the W-1200 creates a 4-second 'blank' (which is a standard gap) between tracks simply by pressing the REC MUTE button once - press and hold it for more than 4 seconds and you can create a blank as long as you need.

Mic Input + Mic Mixing

The mic input and mixing function allow users to mix mic sound and tape/aux sound, and to record mixed sound to a cassette tape. By adjusting the mic level, users are able to enjoy Karaoke performance, (useful for announcement-type applications) without an external mixer. Of course, recording the mic sound alone to a cassette tape is also supported. Combine that with the Parallel Recording facility and users can create a pair of identical tapes simultaneously, useful for making conference minutes, for example, one being the 'master' and another for distribution.

*Please Note: The W-1200 does not support stereo microphones. Please use a monaural microphone.

One-Touch Tape Dubbing

With just the press of a button, users are able to duplicate cassette tapes, making a backup copy of the original tape. Users are also able to create silences between tracks by pressing the REC MUTE button during dubbing. This also serves as a simple editing system, by allowing the erasing of unwanted sections.

Fluorescent Display

A fluorescent display with high contrast and high brightness is employed to show - in one place - all the information needed to operate the decks, including Left and Right level meters for full-fledged recording plus independent tape counters tor TAPE1 and TAPE2. The dimmer function allows users to adjust the brightness according to the environment.

USB Digital Out

The built-in A/D converter and a USB digital output on the rear panel allows users to digitally archive their cassette tape libraries, at 48kHz/16-bit CD-quality. The sampling frequency and bit depth are selectable from 8k to 48kHz and 8 or 16 bit, depending on recording quality of the original tape. Once a digital archive is created, users are able to listen to them anytime anywhere with a computer, DAP, smartphone, network player or even in a car.

Timer Rec/Play Ready

The timer REC/Play ready allows users to record/playback tape when the W-1200 is turned on with a third-party audio timer.

*Please Note: The W-1200 is not equipped with a built-in timer. A third-party audio timer is required.


  • Deck
    • Tracking system: 4-track, 2-channel Stereo
    • Head configuration         
      • REC/PLAY head: one each for TAPE1 and TAPE2
      • ERASE head: one each for TAPE1 and TAPE2
    • Tape speed: 4.8cm/sec.
    • Pitch control: ±12% (TAPE1 PLAYBACK only)
    • Fast rewinding time: approximately 120 seconds (C-60 tape)
    • Wow and flutter: 0.25% (W.RMS)
    • Frequency response       
      • Chrome tape (Type II): 30 to 15k Hz(±4dB)
      • Normal tape (Type I): 30 to 13k Hz(±4dB)
    • Total S/N ratio: 59dB (at max recording level input, A-weight)
  • Input / Output
    • Analog audio input connectors: RCA × 1 pair
    • Nominal input level: 0.28V
    • Input impedance: 33k ohms
    • Mic input connector: Standard 6.3mm (1/4") stereo jack
    • Nominal input level: 0.38mV
    • Input impedance: 3k ohms or more
    • Analogue audio output Connector: RCA × 1 pair
    • Nominal output level: 0.46V
    • Output impedance: 1k ohms
    • Headphone output connector: Standard 6.3mm (1/4") stereo jack
    • Output power: 15mW (at 32 ohms loaded)
    • USB digital output connector: USB Type-B
    • Protocol: USB2.0 FULL SPEED
    • Sampling frequency: 8k / 11.025k / 16k / 22.05k / 32k / 44.1k / 48k Hz
    • Bit-depth: 8 / 16bit
  • General
    • Operating power             
      • US / Canada: AC 120V, 60Hz
      • UK / Europe: AC 230V 50Hz
    • Power consumption: 22W
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 17.1" × 5.7" × 11.3"
    • Weight: 9.3 lbs.

What's In The Box

  • W-1200 Dual Cassette Player and Recorder with Pitch Control, Mic Input, and USB Out for Recording to PC
  • Power Cord (Attached)
  • Remote Control (RC-1331)
  • RCA Audio Cable
  • Owner's Manual
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