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Record Doctor X Record Cleaning Machine (Carbon Fiber)

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Record Doctor X Overview

Product Information

Model: RDX-CAR | UPC: 815414017939


What's In The Box

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Product Information

Model: RDX-CAR | UPC: 815414017939

Thoroughly Clean Your LPs Faster Than Ever Before

If you've been hesitating about buying a record cleaning machine because you're thinking they take too much time to use, the new Record Doctor X is for you. It saves you time by cleaning both sides of an LP at once. No flipping the LP over after doing just one side with Record Doctor X. And the powerful bi-directional rotation motor cleans your record in forward or reverse with the flip of the switch for the deepest, most thorough cleaning.


  • Fully motorized
  • Dual-sided operation cleans both LP sides at the same time
  • Safely and thoroughly cleans dust, dirt, and grime from record grooves
  • Bi-directional forward-reverse rotation cleaning motor
  • Powerful high-performance vacuum motor
  • Compact size, easy to store or keep with other vinyl gear
  • Durable, stain-resistant aluminum top
  • Includes Record Doctor Goat Hair Brush and cleaning solution

Bi-Directional Cleaning Motor

Record Doctor X takes just two rotations in both directions will vacuum away the dust, dirt, and grime that stands between you and the music in the grooves, thanks to the most powerful vacuum engine in its price class and beyond.

Compact, Space-Saving Design

And if you're also thinking you don’t have the space for a fully motorized record cleaning machine that’s packed with so many features, this isn't the case with the Record Doctor X. It’s the most compact vacuum powered record cleaning machine you’ll find anywhere. It’s easy to tuck away or to keep near your hi-fi gear for everyday use.

Includes Record Doctor Goat Hair Brush

The included Record Doctor Goat Hair Brush has two rows of hundreds of all-natural goat hair bristles (instead of synthetic cleaning bristles) to provide a safe, deep cleaning of record grooves. It’s perfect for spreading cleaning fluid, and the goat hair bristles are naturally anti-static. In addition to using the Goat Hair Brush with your Record Doctor X, it's also perfect for a final 'dry cleaning' touch-up before LP playback while your record is on the turntable.

Quick, Easy, and Safe to Use

Record Doctor X is quick and easy to use. With its Goat Hair Brush, soft sweeper strips, and specially formulated record cleaning fluid, this machine is safe for all your LPs. A clean LP lets you hear the music you’ve been missing. It helps prolong the life of your LPs and maintain their value. The included Record Doctor RxLP cleaning solution is a non-alcohol industrial-grade cleaner safe for all vinyl records.

Hear What You've Been Missing!

Vacuum cleaning your records with the Record Doctor X lets you hear the music you've been missing. Cleaner records sound better than dirty records. With a clean LP, your record stylus reproduces the music the way the artist intended it to sound – instead of plaguing you with clicks, pops, surface noise, and distortion.

Protect Your Vinyl Investment

It just makes sense that clean, well-cared-for records are worth more than dirty, poor-sounding discs. Protect your valuable vinyl investment with the Record Doctor X. Vinyl discs can become so dirty that they are virtually unplayable. According to Gerald L. Gibson, Head of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress, "Dust can become embedded permanently into the disc's grooves, causing distortion of the transmitting signal, ticks, pops, and inferior sound quality". If you enjoy listening to vinyl, you can hardly afford not to get a Record Doctor X vacuum-powered record cleaner. It not only cleans your records, but it can also help prolong their life by keeping them free of dust, dirt, and grime.

How Often Should You Clean Your Records?

"It is recommended that [vinyl] discs be cleaned before – and after – each playback," notes Gerald L. Gibson, Head of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress, 1991. Clean the records you already own plus any used LPs you find. But you need to clean brand-new records, too, because LPs come from the factory with dust and extraneous bits of vinyl in the grooves.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 13" x 8.66" x 7"

What's In The Box

  • X Record Cleaning Machine
  • Record Doctor RxLP cleaning solution
  • Record Doctor Goat Hair Brush
  • Roller Bearing
  • Upper Sweeper Arm
  • Screw-Down LP Clamp
  • Power Cord (6ft)
  • Illustrated Cleaning Instructions

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