Kenwood XR-W1004 eXcelon 10" Oversized Subwoofer

Model: XR-W1004 UPC: 0019048215901 Item: 166277

Product Information

Kenwood XR-W1004 eXcelon Oversized Subwoofer Features:

eXcelon Speakers

  • Speakers may be the most important piece of the sound quality puzzle. eXcelon speakers employ oversized drivers to enhance low-end range and large tweeters that improve mid- to high-range transitions, ideal for clear and dynamic vocals. Oversized woofers provide quick response and offer stable and powerful bass that remains true to the original recording.

Test and Measurement

  • Speaker and subwoofer development requires a diligent testing process including an anechoic chamber, power testing facility and the most advanced desktop applications for design and simulation. These high standards allow KENWOOD eXcelon speakers to deliver their expected performance and have long term reliability so your music can be enjoyed for many years.

Cross Section Unit

  • Oversized Diaphragm - Low frequency output is increased because of a larger cone size. The cutout diameter has remained the same making this feature of the new XR woofers ideal for most vehicles where space is a premium. The XR woofers are ideal for a small sealed box. Recommended Sealed Box Volume: 0.55 cft
  • Reinforcing Ribs (Cone) - The newly designed cone features ribbing that adds strength to the cone and minimizes distortion.
  • Strong Magnetic Circuit – Kenwood’s engineers designed a strong magnetic circuit with the purpose of reproducing deep low frequencies. Their efforts employed a large magnet and optimized yoke.
  • Stress-free Spider - By adopting a "Stress-free Spider" and a "Thermal Efficient System" the mechanical and thermal durability has been improved dramatically delivering smooth and strong bass sound with long lasting reliability.


Kenwood XR-W1004 eXcelon Oversized Subwoofer Specifications:


  • Size: Oversized 25cm, Oversized 10in
  • Diaphragm: PP Cone
  • Surround: Rubber
  • Basket: Steel
  • Magnet Ferrite: φ140xt16x2pcs

Dimension Woofer (Unit)          

  • Width: 10-13/16in
  • Height: 10-13/16in
  • Cutout Diameter: 9-1/8in
  • Depth: 5-5/8in
  • Mounting Depth: 4-13/16in


  • Woofer (pc.): 11.5lb(5.2kg)
  • Gross Weight: 13.5lb(6.1kg)

Nominal Impedance     

  • 4ohms

Power Handling              

  • Peak Power: 1300W
  • RMS Power (CEA SPEC): 300W


  • 82dB / W at 1m


  • 31Hz-300Hz


  • Screw sets φ4*35 *8pcs
  • Cushion *1pc
  • Warranty Card *1pc

Special Feature               

  • Dual ventilation system
  • Oversized Cone
  • Stress-Free Damper
  • 8AWG Push Terminal
  • Rubber Magnet Cover