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Focal Sub 1000 F High Power Subwoofer

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Product Information

Model: JMLSUB1000FBPL | UPC: 3544058691324


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: JMLSUB1000FBPL | UPC: 3544058691324

Amplified Sealed, Compact Subwoofer

The Sub 1000 F subwoofer has been designed for Home Cinema use in the purest Focal tradition.

A technological masterpiece, it has a 11 13/16" (30cm) diameter Flax membrane bass speaker cone. The stiffness and lightness of this environmentally-friendly textile mean it produces an extremely well defined, distortion-free sound. The 'Dual Magnet' dual driver provides phenomenal power while ensuring excellent linearity. The Sub 1000 F has an integrated 1,000 Watts BASH super-powerful amplifier to let the 30cm woofer unleash its full potential. Finally, its sealed construction offers an extended bass response, a very compact size and an absence of interference, all leading to a pure, harmonious sound.

The Definition of Bass Frequencies

The speaker cone in this subwoofer uses Flax Technology. Flax is an environmentally-friendly textile with astonishing structural properties that make it particularly suitable for sound production. It is light, stiff, and well damped. In general terms, flax membranes provide greater neutrality of timbre and better sound definition.

Evolved from the Flax cones developed for the Aria 900 speaker range, the cone membrane in the Sub 1000 F features a new, even more rigid construction. Two sheets of 160 g/m2 fibre glass and a 250 g/m2 flax core. It is able to withstand the high demands associated with subwoofers.

Dynamic, Controlled Bas

The Sub 1000 F subwoofer also features a coil/driver unit that is optimized to keep the coil temperature as low as possible. This means the speaker gives well articulated bass, better dynamics, and considerable SPL power (103.5 dB / 1 m @ 40Hz).

Focal's Research & Development team developed a custom spider/suspension for the Sub 1000 F. Its dynamic behaviour is perfectly controlled, meaning that the bass is always controlled too, even with very long travel (up to 43 mm).


  • Drivers: 12" flax woofer
  • Cut-off frequency (-6dB): 22Hz
  • Frequency response (±3dB): 24Hz - 200Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 40 to 160Hz
  • Inputs
    • Stereo line inputs
    • Direct line LFE
  • Phase: 0°/180°
  • Power mode: On/auto
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 16 17/32" x 15 3/4" x 16 17/32"
  • Weight: 47 lbs.

What's In The Box

  • Sub1000 F High Power Subwoofer
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