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AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ USB 2.0 Power & Noise-Filters - Pair

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Product Information

Model: JITTRFMJPR | UPC: 709081999820


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: JITTRFMJPR | UPC: 709081999820

AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) USB 2.0 Noise Filter uses Dual Discrete Noise-Dissipation Circuits to reduce the radio-frequency noise and resonances that are inherent to all digital electronics. The result is more spacious and compelling sound, music, dialog, etc. for a better audio experience.

JitterBug FMJ features a shielded metal case to protect against external noise. An included USB plug is perfect for when JitterBug FMJ’s USB output port is unoccupied or when using a second JitterBug in parallel to the first, further preventing high-frequency noise from contaminating the audio signal.

Many tens of thousands of music lovers are already enjoying better audio enabled by the original AudioQuest JitterBug USB Noise Filter—plugged into cars’ USB jacks, laptop computers, USB “service-only” jacks on Ethernet Streamers, and more.

Now, JitterBug FMJ, with its Full Metal Jacket raises the stakes. Whether used in series (in-line) or in parallel, JitterBug significantly reduces contamination from RF generated by a computer, car, or other devices—JitterBug FMJ also thoroughly addresses environmental RF Noise taking advantage of this vulnerable interface.

The new metal case is the most obvious change, though even the seemingly innocuous hinged “rubber” piece covering JitterBug’s output is crucial to JitterBug’s improved performance. That little black “door” is RF-proof thanks to the material being substantially RF-absorbing Carbon.

Employ one JitterBug in series between any computer, smartphone, NAS, streamer, or car audio system and a USB input. For an additional sonic improvement, use a second JitterBug in another unoccupied USB port—in parallel to the first—except with JitterBug FMJ’s front door closed. A JitterBug in series with AudioQuest DragonFlys Black or Red always helps those wonderful creatures fly higher and faster. However, it’s best to experiment when putting a JitterBug in front of a DragonFly Cobalt—which itself employs some of JitterBug’s filtering, and so the two filters in series can help or hurt performance depending on specific equipment and context.

Noise reduction and noise dissipation is AudioQuest! One can’t hear our modern world’s pervasive RF Noise itself, but the compromises it causes robs us of detail and contrast and outright buries so much subtlety. Fight back with JitterBug FMJ.


  • Dual-Discrete Noise-Dissipation Circuits reduce internally generated radio-frequency noise for improved streaming-audio performance
  • Reduces jitter and packet errors
  • Full-Metal Jacket (FMJ) protects against external noise
  • Integrated RF-proof USB output plug further reduces noise
  • Complies with all USB 2.0 specifications



What's In The Box

  • 2x JitterBug FMJ USB


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