World Wide Stereo is proudly HTA Certified

The first and only standard of excellence for home technology companies.


Why you should only consider an HTA Certified integrator

  • Seasoned professionals with proven technical expertise
  • Phenomenal, ongoing aftercare service
  • Endorsements from manufacturers, local industry peers, and design/build professionals
  • Background checks for all new employees
  • Proven, strong business performance
  • Ability to deliver high-performance enterprise-grade computer networks
  • A reputation you can trust


What to expect from an HTA Certified company

When you hire someone to enhance your house, the installation firm you choose will have an immense impact on how you live in your home. The Home Technology Association, a non-biased third party organization, has taken the guesswork out of deciding who is trustworthy, who is technically qualified, and which companies have a proven history of taking great care of their clients. When you hire a company that has been evaluated to meet the HTA’s stringent, nationwide standards for home theater and audio video installation services, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you will love the new technology in your home.


HTA Budget Calculator

Have a new project?

The Home Technology Association’s brand-agnostic budget tool is the first step. Just answer 20 questions for a realistic, unbiased budget range for your next project.



Helping architects, interior designers, and builders with technology design

The HTA Design Partner designation makes it much easier for design and build professionals to find a trusted home technology pro that appreciates the nuance of beautiful design, communicates well, is a team player, and is committed to providing excellent ongoing customer support.

What to expect from an HTA Design Partner

When planning a new construction or remodeling project, it is vital that the clients’ technology needs are considered and designed early to avoid compromises, change orders, and project delays. A qualified home technology integrator should be a trusted design team member for early technology consultation and design. Only a small percentage of home technology integrators provide design & engineering documentation.

HTA Design Partner designated firms adhere to a set of guidelines, listed below, that serve as the basis for successful design collaboration and coordination with architects, builders, and interior designers. The guidelines were created with the input of architects, interior designers, general contractors, and design-centric home technology integration firms.

We will provide:

Consultation and design. This includes engineering documentation for the design and build team such as:

  • Equipment rack drawings to establish how much space is needed for technology systems
  • Electrical requirements with AC outlet locations, dedicated circuit and grounding requirements.
  • Cooling requirements
  • Prewire plan
  • Framing requirements for speaker locations, TV mounting, recesses for TV mounting, motorized screens, lifts, low voltage backboxes, etc.
  • Wi-Fi heatmaps for determining wireless access point placement for strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout the property
  • Shade pocket requirements
  • Formal contract with clearly defined payment terms and services provided

Project management team

Design collaboration to share and discuss solutions that maintain the integrity of the home's style, design, and architecture. This includes any visually-noticeable technologies, review speaker sizes and technologies that match architectural lighting, select shading or keypad finishes that complements the interior design, provide solutions for technology concealment, hiding video displays, flush-mounting certain items such as luxury control interfaces, and more.

Proactive communication with the rest of the trades on the project affected by the home technology systems being designed and installed. Beyond the architect, interior designer, and general contractor, this includes the electrician, HVAC contractor, framer, pool/spa contractor, lighting designer, custom furniture maker, landscape architect, etc.

Customer support and service

Punch list completion

Hand-off meeting with homeowners and staff to review how to operate all systems and request aftercare service

Communication and respect across every interaction with client and trade partners

No sales pitches. We are your technology resource. Our focus is on education and sharing the possibilities and solutions for clients in regards to their home technology options. We are committed to listening to client's needs.

Professional financial relationship. HTA Certified integrators are worthy of hiring due to their proven excellence in technical ability, installation skills, and customer service. Architects, interior designers, and builders refer HTA Certified integrators based on their professionalism, not on any concealed financial relationship. Any monies paid to architects, interior designers, and builders by HTA Design Partners should be transparent to the end user.