White Jeep Wrangler

The issue?

Thousands of Jeep Wrangler drivers around the country love their Jeep, but hate their Jeep's factory-installed sound system. (Including Jeep’s premium sound systems.) Typical complaints include:

  • Very poor, very flat, sound quality.
  • Not enough volume, especially with the top down.
  • Little to no bass.
  • Tinny high end, no detail in music.
  • Poor security – easy to break in.
  • 1990’s quality radio.
  • Poorly thought-out, ill-conceived, factory navigation.
Speaker housing

The fix?

World Wide Stereo specializes in bringing Jeep Wranglers up to speed, and then some, with a very affordable selection of upgrades, hand-picked just for Jeep – and installed by our award-winning car audio technicians. We offer:

  • Improved sound quality and volume via upgraded speakers and a more powerful amplifier.
  • Choose from a number of custom solutions for better, more solid bass reproduction. (Even on Wranglers with the OEM subwoofer.)
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • We’ll show you smarter and far more intuitive options for navigation.
  • Plus we can add iPod control, Pandora Control, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, etc.
  • As well as advanced security systems from Viper and Audiovox Prestige.
Installed speakers

And that’s not all.

  • An install by World Wide stereo means you keep the audio controls on your steering wheel. We also retain the satellite radio antenna installed by Jeep, plus the factory speaker locations and the stock speakers grills that cover them. So your Jeep looks like it should!

  • Our installations take up little-to-no room, so you don't give up valuable cargo area to accommodate an upgraded audio system. Just add the optional 5-year performance package, and you’re covered. (We’ll also show you how to work your system, patiently and step by step, and help with any future upgrades to your equipment.)
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Keep your jeep. And turn it up!

Word is spreading, as more and more Jeep owners turn to World Wide Stereo to make things right. And even if you’re just curious for now, and want to know – “how good can my Jeep sound?” – bring it in and let us demonstrate. But fair warning: you’re going to be blown away.

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