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Not so long ago, a cheap cable router was all you needed to connect. Not anymore. Today we’re totally dependent on our wireless devices, and World Wide Stereo will get your home network working quickly and without interruption.

Go ahead, tie it all in.

Laptops, smartphones, tablets, wireless VoIP handsets, home automation systems, music streaming services, appliances, lighting and shade control and more. Even personal health devices. We’ve made the investment to train our people, and today we’re the premier provider of networking solutions for the modern home. We design them, maintain them, and keep you – and everyone at your home – connected.

And don’t forget Power Conditioning.

Though the technology in your house has changed dramatically through the years, the AC current that powers it still thinks it's 1955. Contaminated with noise, burping harmful surges and occasional spikes, today’s AC can harm and degrade sensitive high-end equipment. (Raw AC power is fine for toaster ovens and 100-watt lightbulbs – but not quality audio/video components.) Correct it with the right power conditioner, however, and your technology will perform at the level it was designed to – a level you will clearly hear and see, every day.

Our professionals are happy to explain your options and help you choose a power conditioner that’s right for the job, and right for your budget.

Nourish the control freak inside you, any number of ways:

Add shades and window treatmentsshades shades and window treatments to your home network. Take control, and save.
whole house audioScore your time at home with the music you love by adding Whole House Audio to your home network.

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