Car Audio & Video

Though it’s cold and lonely in the deep dark night, you’ll see paradise by the dashboard light.

World Wide Stereo opened its dedicated car facility in the summer of 1979 – when 4-barrel Holley carburetors were state of the art. (And chipped = nicked paint only.) We’ve won countless awards over the years, and were recently cited as “one of the 10 custom installers in the USA.” (Free estimates, too.)

We’re experts
in stealth:

keeping a car looking totally stock, 100% authentic,yet still swapping out old for new, and good for much, much better.

We do the simple stuff, too.

iDevice integration, remote starters, alarms, backseat entertainment and gaming – that sort of thing. Cake. And reasonably priced, too.

We can make your factory system sound better.

Or, we can totally reconfigure your system with special amps, speakers, subs, EQs and i-device adapters that work and sound incredible. (Imagine your iPad as head unit, audio interface and video viewer!)

Audio Upgrades: Because loud music should sound like loud music.
Not monkeys playing in a pile of tin foil.

We’ve yet to hear a stock car stereo, including the “premium” versions, do justice to loud music in an automobile environment. Which is why upgrading your car stereo is one of the nicest things you’ll ever do for yourself. World Wide Stereo can improve your car stereo in any number of ways, and for a lot less than you think. (On the other hand, we can go hog wild, too – check out the $35,000 system in our award-winning Porsche, right here.) We use only the highest-quality manufacturers for the highest-quality end result, and we always strive for that clean, OEM look.

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