The McIntosh Clinic at World Wide Stereo

The McIntosh Clinic at World Wide Stereo

Since creating its first jaw-dropping amplifier in 1949, McIntosh Labs has been a first-choice among audiophiles, sound engineers, and music lovers the world over. Not long after we opened our doors in 1979, we began selling McIntosh products. As one of our legacy partners, McIntosh continues to represent everything we believe in: bringing beautiful audio and an incredible, lifelike entertainment experience to all.

As with any audio gear, the best way to test out any turntable or stereo receiver or pair of speakers is by listening to it first-hand. While you can enjoy McIntosh anytime in both of our local showrooms, in the summer of 2018, we began hosting McIntosh clinics to offer more customized and exclusive demos and education sessions. Our first McIntosh clinic was held at our Montgomeryville showroom. People came out from all over the Philadelphia suburbs to listen to and discover the extraordinary hi-fi power of McIntosh and learn about the engineering behind it all.

Your McIntosh questions, answered.

The McIntosh fanbase has a well-earned reputation for being one die-hard bunch. So in our May clinic, our local McIntosh representative, Bob Staples, took some time to answer their most pressing questions - as well as show off some of their famous amplifiers. (Check out a snapshot of Bob’s Q&A session in the video below.)

A chance to listen to your favorite music on McIntosh.

What should you expect in one of these clinics? Throughout the day, you’ll get the chance to hear your favorite songs on some of the world’s best audio equipment. In our last clinic, we were spinning vinyl on the
MT5 turntable playing through McIntosh’s new MA252 tube-hybrid integrated amplifier. Lots of music selections were available, and our music streamer made it easy to take musical requests from attendees. It’s amazing how much interest there is for turntables and getting back to vinyl.

Earlier this year, we invested in some vintage turntable testing equipment that gives a visualization of the stylus and its contact with the groove walls, enabling us to do a much better job of adjusting turntables in half the time; a real win-win. Turntables purchased during the event were set up and calibrated on new test gear, and we did the same for our second McIntosh Clinic in Ardmore.

Experience McIntosh at World Wide Stereo

Our McIntosh Clinic has been a huge hit, and we'll let you know as soon as the next one's on the calendar. Can't wait until then? Stop by one of our local showrooms to demo McIntosh with our experts!

Any questions? Our McIntosh gurus are here and ready to answer them — give us a call or send us an email today. 

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