Bose Soundbar 700 Review

Bose Soundbar 700 Review

The new Soundbar 700 from Bose? Wowza.

Of the many wireless multi-room audio challengers now fighting for market share, one in particular is looking to run the table: the sound-obsessed, audio-retentive folks at Bose, thanks to a brand new, very impressive, wireless product line. Bose’s newest addition, the Soundbar 700 (now shipping, by the way) is already making headlines, and deserves a closer look.

Reason to love it #1: With Alexa built-in, it’s smarter than most.

Bose Sound Bar 700 Controls

Just tell the Soundbar 700  (aka SB700) what to do, and Alexa will get it done. Bose not only made room for Amazon Alexa inside the new Soundbar 700, they also gave her a nice upgrade: eight custom microphones in array with echo cancellation and near field detection, so they are designed to hear you, always – even when you’re playing Stevie Ray Vaughan on 10. Add to that, Bose added a cool little light bar that lets you know when Alexa is listening, or pondering her answer, or speaking – so now her pregnant pauses make sense. Bottom line, if you can talk, you can already operate the Soundbar 700.

Reason to love it #2: Get full wireless control with the Bose Music app.

If you’d rather not talk to Alexa, you can still control the Soundbar 700 with an app as smart and as intuitive as any on the market. The new cloud-based Bose Music app gives you full control over all your music sources, whether Spotify, Amazon Music, Internet radio stations, podcasts, whatever. (Apple AirPlay and Google Assistant are coming early 2019.)

And though it won't work with products in the Bose SoundTouch series, the app does give you full control over all of Bose’s new wireless smart speakers, including the newest Bose Surround Wireless Speakers and the new Bose Home Speaker 500. Set personalized presets, add users, and control any new smart Bose speaker from a single location.

Bose makes music sourcing and multi-room listening a breeze. All new Bose smart speakers and sound bars work together seamlessly, with just a tap or voice command… whether you’re rocking the whole house or playing different song favorites in multiple rooms.

But wait, there’s more: control option #3. Go old-school, and manage literally everything with the touch of a button on the Bose Soundbar Universal Remote, which comes included (not available with the smaller Soundbar 500).

Reasons to love it #3 - #7: so many possibilities.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide easy connectivity from all of your devices. With Wi-Fi, given it’s more robust, you can stream your high resolution music files. And Bluetooth is the industry standard for pairing to wireless headphones, a wireless subwoofer, or any and all wireless speakers you add to your system.

Bose Sound Bar 700 in White under a TV

Ready for the big time, anytime. Adding the wireless Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 is easy, and gives you true 3.1 theater sound. From there, add a couple of wireless Bose Surround Speakers – and now you’re talking true 5.1 home theater sound. (Home theater rule #1: More speakers in more places = a bigger, better surround sound experience.) With this new line, Bose makes it easy to mix-and-match components based on your preferences and needs.

Ports aplenty. The Soundbar 700 includes HDMI out for ARC connections, Toslink optical, and a micro USB slot.

Supports Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound formats. The result? Incredible clarity and realism from your favorite movies.

Custom wall bracket. Put the Soundbar 700 wherever you want it - place it in front of your TV on a console, or mount it to the wall with the sold separately wall bracket kit. (See our “Sound Bar Buying Guide” for tips on soundbar placement.)

Tempered glass top. All in all: smart-looking, inconspicuous, and comes in black or white.

Biggest reason to love it: It can bring the house down.

The whole reason for getting a soundbar is about making your TV sound awesome, from way-easier-to-understand on-screen dialogue (you can finally turn off those subtitles) to thunderous explosions and cinematic, kick-ass sound effects. The Soundbar 700 gets it done by way of Bose’s own “PhaseGuide Technology” which, combined with Bose's QuietPort design, transforms the listening experience in a way that reduces distortion and widens the sound field. The end result: sounds are heard in places where there are no speakers. The net effect: you and your audience are surrounded in serious, big, cinematic sound.

Hold on. There is one “but.”

Many soundbar companies throw in a separate wireless subwoofer, and you'll notice one does not come included with the SB700. The bass performance is already really good — but if you want a seriously deep cinematic effect, add the Bose Bass Module 500 or Bose Bass Module 700 to your setup. Both are ready to connect to the soundbar right out of the box, wirelessly. At $799, the Soundbar 700 is on the higher side, so adding a separate woofer will bump things up a bit. But considering you're getting bigger, deeper sound from a superior duo, it's worth it.

Easily upgrade to a surreal surround experience.

If big cinematic sound is what you're aiming for, go a step further and build a 5.1 surround sound home theater setup. Here's what our experts recommend: 

Filling a smaller room with sound? 

Consider the Soundbar 700's smaller brother, the Soundbar 500. While the SB700 packs some serious muscle and boom for those who want that authentic Star Wars / Marvel cinematic experience at home, the 500 is a more compact version and still has Alexa built-in. It’s not as intense as its bigger brother, but it costs less, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The bottom line.

Bose, in their own words, “set out to design the world’s best soundbar,” and the Soundbar 700 may just be exactly that – especially when you add a Bose wireless subwoofer. But you don’t have to take our word for it – if you live near one of our showrooms, please stop in anytime for a private test drive, and see how the Soundbar 700 stacks up against others. And then after, if you agree with our glowing review, keep one thing in mind: adding a soundbar to your TV watching… whether movies, shows, sports, adds SO much. If you’re still listening to the tinny little speakers inside your TV — we need to talk. Getting a good soundbar is a decision you’ll never, ever regret.

Something to note: This new family of Bose wireless products are not multi-room compatible with Bose SoundTouch products. Bose SoundTouch products will continue to use the Bose SoundTouch app, while this new series will use the new Bose Music app — an important distinction to make if you're already a SoundTouch series owner.

One more thing...

Added together, World Wide Stereo’s price match guarantee + free shipping to anywhere +  60-day return policy + award-winning support = a lot of pluses, and makes World Wide Stereo the single best place to order the Soundbar 700 – or anything audio/video. (Check out our Happiness Guarantee here for proof.)

Thanks for hanging in, and don’t be a stranger!

Bose Soundbar 700

Bose Soundbar 700

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  • SW

    I could put either the 300 or the new 700 in my open enclosure cabinet but with only one inch of room on either end of the bar. Is this highly discouraged and better to put the bar on the same level as the tv stand, right in front? What about the 500? That would give me 4 inches of room on either end of my open enclosure of my tv stand. Thoughts?

  • MM

    Thanks for your inquiry, Scott! One of the attributes of Bose soundbars is the PhaseGuides, which create the illusion of surround sound, but the sound needs to have a clear path to your side walls to sound like it should. If your cabinet has side walls, they will interfere. We recommend placing these soundbars with open space all around them. I’d recommend the 700. It is the best sounding of all, and is a new model with all the newest features! - Andrew P., World Wide Stereo Product Specialist

  • AA

    I have wall only on one side of soundbar, which might be with in a feet from edge and other side has nothing to reflect in 10-12 ft range. Will the Bose Soundbar still create a good surround effect without surround speakers?

  • AA

    Does Phase guide technology need side walls ? In my case if I place Soundbar below TV, it would have a side wall at around 1 ft on one side and no wall for around 10-12 ft on other side. Will surround effect come in this situation? Can someone clarify ?

  • MM

    Phaseguide technology creates the illusion that sound is coming from a different angle using reflections. Having one wall be so much closer will certainly impact the ability of the soundbar to create this effect. You will still get a very good experience, but the bar will not be performing at its best. Also, the Phaseguide tech bounces sound from the left and right side, but does not put effects behind you like the wireless rear speakers will. - Andrew, WWS Product Specialist

  • NV

    I am looking to replace my current 7.1 with a soundbar which gives the effect of surround sound without the extra speakers. I have fairly decent sized room, about 15x20 FT. Would you recommend Bose 700 soundbar to do the function ? Or do you recommend something else? TV will be mounted on wall, there is enough space for soundbar to be mounted with open spaces all around.

  • MM

    The Bose Soundbar 700 is able to provide a simulated surround experience, thanks to the Phaseguide technology. It does not have the ability to simulate rear surround, though. It is going to deliver a 3-channel (Left, Center, Right) experience, but it will do so with a much broader soundstage and much more immersive experience than others. For a full surround experience, I recommend Yamaha’s YSP-5600 soundbar ( for its 7.1 performance. - Andrew P., WWS Product Specialist

  • NV

    MM, Thank you. So in your opinion, if I add rear speakers to Bose, will that give me a full surround experience?

  • MM

    Yes, adding the wireless rear surround speakers from Bose will complete the 5 channel experience and create an authentic surround sound system. If you want to chat more, feel free to give us a call directly so we can help! 1.866.961.7781 - Andrew P., WWS Product Specialist

  • JT

    I think I might need a sound bar. For some reason, my speakers sometimes have to be turned all the way up for some television shows and even then we can barely understand the dialogue. But it's only with a few shows. I think a sound bar might change that.

  • Js

    Hi, at 82yo we have decided to treat ourselves to a nice TV and soundbar. Now, how do I attach a DVD, regular TV and cable to the soundbar, do I have to get a receiver? Thanks for advice, John

  • AC

    Hi, John and thanks so much for finding us. Sound bars have a receiver built into them and therefore don’t require one. To allow me to help answer this for you, would you be able to please provide me the name of the manufacturer as well as the manufacturer’s model number of the TV, the soundbar, the DVD? Thanks so much. I look forward to looking into this for you. I can be reached by email at Very Genuinely, Ira Segall

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