A Creative Solution: Under Bed TV Lift


The Project

Our clients came to us wanting a better solution for a TV in their primary bedroom. Their bed faces a large wall of windows that look out to a beautiful, natural landscape. The problem? Almost a third of their view was blocked by their 60-inch TV. Not only did it block their view, it took up awkward space in the middle of the room. Our clients wanted their view back and they wanted to maintain the openness of their floor plan.

Since mounting a TV in front of the bed was not an option, any conventional TV installation solution was out. Mounting a TV to one of the walls perpendicular to the bed would mean seeing the TV profile right as you walk into the room. We considered a Samsung Frame TV, which would sit flush against the wall and resemble a piece of art, but the max TV size we could get in the space was 55-inches which would be too small for the viewing distance. Another option would have been a pop-up TV cabinet lift, but this would take up valuable floor space at the foot of the bed. A TV that swings down from a hidden compartment in the ceiling would require construction work and navigating the potential unknowns on the other side of the drywall. So what about the opposite approach: something that emerges from under the bed?

Knowing the client wanted to retain their view while having a clean look and maximizing space, we came up with a design that utilized an Under Bed TV lift from Auton. The entire mechanism is self-contained. We collaborated with a bedroom furniture company to ensure the bed frame could be reinforced so the middle support present on a king-size bed could be removed to allow the TV to be centered on the bed.

The result is magic. At the touch of a button, the beautiful Sony Master Series OLED slides out from under the bed. When not in use, it tucks away neatly under the bed, completely out of sight.


  • Ardmore, PA


  • Auton, Sony, Furman, Audioquest
Under Bed TV GIF
Under Bed TV
Under Bed TV
Under Bed TV
Under Bed TV
Under Bed TV
Under Bed TV
Under Bed TV
Under Bed TV

Meet the Designer

Tommy Gillanders

Senior Sales and System Designer
Ardmore Showroom



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What are the dimensions? What does a unit cost?

Interested in the under bed TV lift
Also, what’s the largest TV you can use

What is the cost of this please and how much height is needed under the bed.

Interested in you under bed motorized TV remote.
What is cost and dimension required under bed.

Can the hardware be purchased so that it could be installed under a custom coffee table in a great room instead of a bed?

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