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It’s okay, we’re speechless too. The Sonos One SL is a powerful microphone-free speaker near identical in looks and gives you the same rich, room-filling sound as the Sonos One, just without the voice control built-in. The "SL" stands for speechless - so Sonos quite literally dropped the mic on this one. You can control the One SL with the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2. If you already have voice control capabilities or simply don’t need it, the One SL is the way to go.

The compact design fits just about any space and is humidity resistant so you can even put it in the bathroom. Pair it with another One SL in the same room for true stereo separation and more detailed sound or use as home theater rears in a 3.1 or 5.1 system.

If you're looking for voice control, simply include at least one other Sonos smart speaker in your setup, like or the Beam or the One. Or you can use Amazon Echo and Google Home products to control One SL with your voice. There is no benefit to having multiple products with built-in voice control in the same room. With the One SL at a lower price point than the One or the Beam, this allows you to save some money on the rest of your system.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, it's Adam with World Wide Stereo. Today, I'm going to give you a rundown on the speaker from Sonos, the One SL. The Sonos One SL is a revamped Play One speaker from Sonos. Now, Sonos at the time of this video, about a 15-year-old company. And they've been fantastic giving you things like soundbars, and wireless music all over the house, and amplifiers, and all sorts of great product. Play One at this time was starting to get a little old, and a lot of their new products have AirPlay, so that 's the big improvement here.

The Sonos One SL is an AirPlay 2 enabled speaker. Also, the SL it's speechless. So, there are no microphones on this. It's a speaker that can be used for rear surrounds, that can be used as a stand-alone speaker. You can stereo pair them together and have great sound in one room. You could pair a subwoofer to them to have awesome sound and kind of fill up the bottom in but no microphone.

So, that means no Alexa built-in or no Google Assistant built-in. The speakers are available in black or white as you see here, and I expect there to be a lot of mounting options for these speakers coming out soon as they have in the past for the Play One, the Sonos One, all these other stand-alone speakers that they had. There are lots of mounting options. Things for the wall, 'til table stands, so that should be coming shortly. Pretty simple design here.

On the back, you have your network jack connection. This speaker does have WiFi built into it, so if you don't have a network jack to get this thing onto your network, you can use WiFi in this setup as well. On the back, your connect button. And then the same buttons you'll find on a lot of other Sonos products. Right on the top, you have your play and your pause, you have volume up, volume down, and your little status indicator light up top to let you know that it's connected or if there's trouble or something wrong.

The speakers have the same mid-range driver and tweeter built-in, and you can tune these if you have an Apple product, you could do true play tuning on these to help tailor these speakers for the environment that they're in. And they sound pretty good. The big improvement here is the AirPlay 2 chipset. So now, you can not only listen to music that's on your iTunes library and send it over your network using AirPlay to this.

But it opens up so many other doors. You could be watching this YouTube video AirPlaying the sound right to here. You could be watching Netflix or any other of your favorite movie or TV streaming apps, and you can send this sound to here so it's not on your iPhone. So, you've gained so much with that. The one thing that I have been reading about, people are a little upset about is you used to be able to, and like on a Play One or an older speaker, inside the Sonos software, you were able to access your iTunes library and send it to that.

They have taken that away. And, a lot of people are worried about you having to replace your entire Sonos system. Well, there is a workaround. If you buy just one of these, you can AirPlayfrom your Apple music library, directly to one of these speakers and then you can group that speaker with another older product. So, a little bit of a workaround. Again, I think you've gained so much with the ability to play so many more things and videos and stuff like that, now, through these things that it's a little bit of an annoyance but not a big deal.

There's a workaround. You can make it happen. Let's talk about some of the usages of this speaker. So you can certainly buy just one of these speakers and set it up in your room and it'll be great. But, you can also create a stereo pair with another Sonos One. And, I specified Sonos One. You can't stereo pair this with a Play One.

Although you'd probably be able to group it inside of the app and have the same thing playing with an older, legacy product, but you can't set up a stereo pair with a Play One, it has to be a Sonos One. You can also use these as rear channel speakers and with a Sonos Playbar or a Beam to be your rear surrounds, or pair them with a subwoofer.

One of them or two of them as a great stereo system for a single room. Overall, this is a nice upgrade for the single speaker, the Play One, the Sonos One just to have no microphones, some people don't want that. So you don't get that here, but it's the same sound quality that you've come to expect from Sonos. So it's a great sounding single speaker. Create that stereo pair or whatever you want.

So, just having the AirPlay 2 built-in here I think is a great plus for the speaker. This is the Sonos One SL speaker. It will be available online at Or if you happen to be in the area, you can stop by our Ardmore or Montgomeryville Pennsylvania showrooms. We offer free shipping, 60-day return policy, and we're authorized dealers for everything that we sell here. If you have any questions, you can leave those in the comment section below or call or email us at any time.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. This is Adam with World Wide Stereo reminding you to listen to music every day. So long."

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