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Meet the PartyBox 710

The JBL PartyBox 710 doesn’t shy away from what it is or who it’s looking to impress. It's a big black box with orange accents, 5 preset lighting modes that all respond to the music you listen to, and built-in sound effects. It's the second largest model of the 2022 PartyBox lineup, weighing in at 68.34lbs. But don't worry; this beast is equipped with an easy-to-grip handle and robust wheels that make transporting it a breeze. One thing to note is that it does NOT have a battery built-in, so plan to plug it into power.

Always Ready for a Party

Whether you are partying with friends in your backyard or sipping drinks by the pool, the JBL PartyBox 710 is IPX4 splashproof, so you don't need to worry about accidental splashes or surprise rain.

The PartyBox 710’s Bluetooth connectivity and guitar/microphone inputs are also great for spontaneous karaoke nights or jam sessions. And, the karaoke EQ tuning will not only make you sound great but also look great too with the perfect light show for rocking out!

Looking for bigger sound? You can pair two 710s using the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) button for a true stereo setup. Or, you can use aux cables to daisy chain them together.

JBL PartyBox 710 Bluetooth Portable Party Speaker with Built-in Light and Splashproof Design

Sound Quality

If you are expecting true hi-fi experience from a souped-up Bluetooth speaker, I think you're barking up the wrong tree. But if you are looking for something that sounds pretty good at both low and incredibly high volumes, you’re in luck. The 710 has a measured frequency response from 35Hz to 20,000Hz. A lot of speakers will measure really low on a technicality but have a really low level of output. Thanks to the two large woofers and rear flow port, coupled with an 800W amp in the 710, you get great volume across the whole spectrum of frequencies.

No support for hi-res Bluetooth codecs will be found on the 710, but with the standards it comes with, it sounds pretty damn good. If you are concerned with fidelity, you can always hardwire your music source into the aux jack. I tried this myself and noticed a significant difference between the two. Bluetooth is a convenience feature, but for best sound quality, a hardwired connection continues to be your best choice.

Sound Adjustments

On the top of the 710, there are 2 large dials, one for volume and one for the lighting effects. In the center of each dial, there is a play/pause button and a button to turn the lighting on or off completely, if having a personal light show in your backyard isn't your thing.

There are also a few more buttons on the top: a power button, Bluetooth pairing, and probably one of my favorite buttons, BASS BOOST. You know... for those days you just want to absolutely crush your skull with bass.

There are also 3 dials in the back to control treble and bass and an echo feature. I tried messing around with each, and the echo dial didn’t add anything I liked to the sound, so I recommend leaving that set to 0. Behind the tone control dials, there is a small cutout in the top of the speaker for a phone or tablet to sit in. Pretty clever if you want to queue up a playlist on a iPad, for example, and leave it with the PartyBox so you can wander around the festivities.

Testing Notes

The PartyBox 710 fits perfectly in the party atmosphere. I brought it out to two different gatherings, and it was a hit both times. The first was a little BBQ and cornhole competition outside the back of our showroom. Our resident DJ by night, salesperson by day, Shawn, cranked the tunes. Perfect background music for an evening of fun.

The second was at the Eagles kickoff game. My mom is probably the world's biggest Eagles fan, and she threw a kickoff party this year for friends and family. I made sure to bring the PartyBox with me to liven things up. It was a smash hit on the back porch!

Final Thoughts

Cookouts, parties, underground raves...I see the PartyBox 710 having a place in all these events. If you want to put on a small private concert, you can use this as your portable PA system. Karaoke, street performers, tailgate parties, the use cases are endless in my opinion. If you want to take your next get together to the next level, I suggest picking up a PartyBox. With its plethora of connective options, anyone attending will be sure to be able to have their turn as the DJ. It’s just fun, which really is what listening to music should be about. To often is the joy of listening to music sucked out of the experience. The PartyBox 710 brings that joy back.

JBL PartyBox 710 Bluetooth Portable Party Speaker with Built-in Light and Splashproof Design


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