What's New From Integra, McIntosh, & Focal...Plus A Sweet Sonos Sale. May 2023


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Welcome to our NEW GEAR video series!

It’s the May New Gear Vid. Let’s go!

Our New Gear videos round up what we’re most excited about here at World Wide Stereo, a little glimpse into what’s coming soon, and a few notable sales we can share.

Congratulations Dan Schuler for correctly answering our April New Gear Video pop-quiz...you my friend, are now slightly richer with that WorldWideStereo.com gift card.

The question was “In its public unveiling at the All Things Digital conference, what was the first song played through the Sonos ZP100?”

The answer: No Sleep Till Brooklyn.

Keep watching for this month’s pop-quiz.


We’re excited to announce that World Wide Stereo is the EXCLUSIVE launch partner for Integra’s brand new, flagship AVR, the DRX 8.4. This is an 11.4 channel A/V Receiver with Dolby Atmos, comes with a Dirac Live Premium License, is Roon Ready, Works with Sonos, and is simply a beast.

As the exclusive launch partner for this piece, World Wide Stereo is the only retailer where you can currently pick this up (through May). If you want to learn more about this, our extremely knowledgeable Senior Field Technician, Ben Morrow, has a great review for this. Make sure to check that out.

McIntosh Tubes Now Shipping

MA252 Integrated Amplifier & MORE!


Last month from McIntosh I shared with you the all new MHT300 AV Receiver and the MC451 Dual Mono Amp.

I’m excited to share with you that you can now purchase the beautiful MA252 Integrated Amp ONLINE.

This is one of McIntosh’s most popular amps we sell, and an amazing piece to own for all you 2-channel lovers out there. So if you’re NOT lucky enough to live near a Mac dealer—well—now you are!

In addition to the MA252, you can now also purchase:

Save Up To $121 On Sonos Ray Bundles!

Through May 27 (2023), you can save up to $121 on Sonos Ray Speaker Sets.

Mother’s Day is coming up—maybe get her a new Sonos Set?

New Focal Littora Speakers


Focal has released a range of outdoor in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, as well as a great-looking modern stone—or rock speaker—together with more traditional-looking outdoor satellite speakers and subwoofer.

The Focal Littora in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are divided between the 200 series and the 1000 series. The OD speakers which include the Stone, satellites, and sub, are a part of the 200 series and are available in three color options.

Brian has a real nice breakdown of the line-up which you can find linked below.

Focal Theva Speakers

Replacing the Chora speakers, Focal has introduced the Thevas. This line includes a bookshelf speaker, 3 floorstander options including one with up-firing atmos speakers, a center speaker, and surrounds.

Aside from the surrounds, all of these speakers are available in 3 finishes including black, light wood, and dark wood.

The Theva’s feature Focal’s exclusive Slatefiber cone, made in France, as well as the Aluminium/Magnesium TNF inverted dome tweeter. These are a nice step into the world of Focal.

Focal Vestia Speakers

If you’ve been looking forward to hearing some new speakers, GOOD NEWS! We finally have the Focal Vestia speakers on display now at our Montgomeryville showroom! Stop on in to listen to some of your favorite music like you never have before.

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