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We have a special place in our hearts for anything McIntosh, and the MC152 stereo amplifier is a perfect example why. With a chassis that comes in at only 6” tall, this compact amplifier was built to be a powerhouse and last for years. But don’t let its size fool you — the MC152 delivers 150 watts of continuous power into 2-, 4-, 8-ohm speakers at incredibly low distortion levels. You’ll also find built-in safeguards to prevent clipping and protection against short circuits.

The MC152 is great for smaller spaces and powering surround channels for home theaters. Just connect it to a preamp to enjoy your favorite movies and music.

Check out all the full details in my latest product tour:

Video transcript

The MC152 was designed to be more compact than many other McIntosh amplifiers, but possess all the power the average customer is ever going to need. It has a whole suite of circuits that give it superior performance. It's distortion is incredibly low. It's rated at 0.005%, and it's actually lower than that.

The amplifier is designed to put out 150 watts per channel of continuous power, but it's instantaneous peak power is twice that: 300 watts per channel. More importantly, this has McIntosh's output transformers or auto formers. And that means that we're going to get the same power regardless of the impedance of our speakers. So you can hook up 8-ohm speakers, 4-ohm speakers, 2-ohm speakers, and you'll still get 150 watts of continuous power, 300 watts peak power, 0.005% distortion, and it runs very cool.

This amplifier has been on since early this morning and it's just above room temperature. The cooler an amplifier runs, the longer its lifespan. The 152 has the traditional McIntosh blue watt meters that will help you stay within the limits of your speakers.

It has Sentry Monitor to protect it against short circuits and it has the patented Power Guard feature. So even if a burst of music comes along that's up to 14 decibels higher than the full power the amplifier is capable of, the amplifier will not clip. It's pretty close to an unclippable amplifier, and avoiding clipping is why people by large amplifiers.

The MC152 gives you a lot of power in a compact package. Great amplifier from McIntosh.

McIntosh MC152 Power Amplifier

McIntosh MC152 Power Amplifier

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