JBL’s Endurance Series: Wireless Headphones for Every Athlete


From the popular Reflect Minis to collaborations with Under Armour, JBL leads the pack in developing headphones that'll last through any workout. But JBL isn’t resting on its laurels. The brand recently launched its new Endurance Series, which is poised to set a new standard for active lifestyle headphones — including a pair that can be worn when you’re swimming laps in the pool.

Let’s take a deeper dive (no pun intended) into JBL’s latest line of fitness headphones.

Endurance RUN

Reg. $19.95 | Shop now >

The series kicks off with the most simple and budget-friendly of the series, the Endurance RUN. If you're looking for a no-frills upgrade from the free buds that came with your smartphone, you've found your match with the RUN headphones. At only $25, you get the classic JBL sound, an IPX-5 sweatproof rating, and an in-line remote for hands-free calls and control of your music. For an even more secure fit, the Endurance RUNs were designed to be worn in two different ways: either traditionally in-ear with the cord laying in front of you, or wrapped behind the ear for a closer fit. Whether you're a jogger, hiker, once-a-month-gym-goer, or don't engage in a single athletic activity ever, these headphones get the job done. | Shop the RUN >

Next in the Endurance headphone series: SPRINT. These wireless in-ears come with an IPX-7 waterproof rating (making them durable in rain, snow, etc.), Bluetooth connectivity, and intuitive touch-based controls for your music and phone calls. Plus, up to 8 hours of wireless music enjoyment during longer workouts. Frequently find yourself squeezing in last-minute jogs after work or during your lunch break? You'll really appreciate the SPRINT's Speed Charge battery, which gives you an hour of life after a quick 10-minute charge. When you're ready to call it quits, the MagHook magnetic earbuds ensure easy, clean storage so you don’t have to worry about tangled wires (a small detail, but one we find is more convenient than you'd think). | Shop the SPRINT >

Endurance JUMP

Reg. $69.95 | Shop now >

The Endurance JUMP headphones come with all of the cool tech in the SPRINT (e.g., IPX-7 waterproof rating, Bluetooth), with two new additions: a sturdier neckband and a technology JBL calls PowerHook, which instantly turns the power on and off when you wear or remove your headphones. If you have a regular workout buddy or attend group classes, the ability to easily and quickly turn your music off to speak or listen to someone is key — no more fumbling to find your phone or adjust volume controls. | Shop the JUMP >

Endurance DIVE

Reg. $89.95 | Shop now >

Next up, we have one of the coolest headphones in the series: the Endurance DIVE. Virtually identical to the JUMP (in both features and design), the DIVEs have a unique, awesome addition: built-in MP3 music storage (up to 1GB – 200 songs) so you can listen to your music underwater. Swimmers, surfers, triathlon-ers, and anyone who hates carrying around their smartphone or music player during workouts — now you can listen to your jams without having to lug around a separate device. With up to 8 hours of wireless playback (and the convenient Speed Charge battery we mentioned earlier), there's no need to worry about music cutting out in the middle of a workout. | Shop the DIVE >

And last but certainly not least, we have JBL's truly wireless, IPX-7 waterproof in-ears, the Endurance PEAK. Currently available for pre-order, the PEAKs provide complete wireless freedom for any activity, and come with a built-in battery that lasts up to 28 hours. Simply swipe and tap the headphones to manage your music and take calls — and when you're ready to call it a day, the PEAKs automatically power down when you take them off. If you decide you can go that extra mile, they'll automatically power up when you put them on. | Shop the PEAK >

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