How to Set Up Your Sonos One Speaker


You’ve just opened your brand new Sonos One voice-controlled wireless smart speaker. Now what?

Before you can start telling the One what to do, you'll have to connect it to the Sonos app and integrate it with Amazon Alexa. To help you get set up, we created this how-to video that walks through the process step-by-step. By the end, your only concern will what song to play first.

So hit the Play button and let's go!

Video transcript

Hi everyone. It's Adam with World Wide Stereo here. Today, I want to instruct you on how to add the brand new Sonos One to your Sonos app and also add the Alexa integration.


So the first thing we're going to do here is bring up our Sonos controller on my iPad here and then at the bottom, the “More” tab, I'm going to hit that. And we will go to “Settings,” and “Add a Player” or “SUB.” It's going to ask me to connect to power, which I've already done. Hit “Next” and wait for the green flashing light before continuing.


And I have the green flashing light so we're good. Continue. It says "We found one new player near you." The One, white. That's the one that I want. "Set up this player."

Press the “On” button. And that's back here. We're going to press that. I hear the chime, which is great. That means we're about to connect.


So we've added a One. It says “You are now ready to choose the room the One will be used in.” So hit “Next.” Now I don't want this to be part of a surround sound system or anything like that, so it's going to be in its own room so I'll hit “In a New Room” and you can either select from the names listed here for it or I'm going to go ahead and put in my own name. Okay, hit “Next.”


All right. So now that it's been added, it's asking me if I want to add another player. I don't, so I hit “Not Now.” And it's going to go out and register the product with Sonos.

Now it's going to ask me to do what's called trueplay tuning. Now I highly recommend that you do this, but for right now we're going to skip over this step so we can get to the Alexa integration, but this uses your phone or tablet and you'll hear a bunch of sounds come out of the speaker and it'll optimize the sound of the speaker for the environment that it's in.


So now that it knows that it has an Alexa built-in, it's going to ask me to add that. So we'll start by signing into my Amazon account. So it's going to be really important that you have your usernames and passwords handy. Sign in.

Alexa: Hello.

Adam: Okay, so we just turned her on. Microphone is on, it's ready to listen. Hit “Continue.” Now at this stage, if this is your first time setting up a product like this in your house, you want to hit “Discover the devices” and it'll go out and find any compatible products.

In my showroom here, we've already done that so we have lots of compatible products that are already on board, so I'm going to skip that stuff for now. But if this is your first one, you're going to want to do that.

So you can see now in “My Rooms,” there is the room that I just added, but I haven't enabled. The next thing we need to do is enable the skill for Sonos inside of the standalone app for her. So, we'll go to that “More” tab again.


See where it says “Voice Services”? We'll click on that. So you need to download that app first, that Alexa app right there.

So we're going to get into the Alexa app. And on the left-hand side of your menu right here, you see where it says “Skills”? So we'll hit Skills, and we're going to search for Sonos. So I've searched for Sonos, so this is now at the top of the screen, so I'll hit that, and we'll hit “Enable.”


Okay, before you want to get started here, you want to make sure that your Sonos app and everything is all up-to-date, which I know mine is, so we're good to go. We'll hit “Continue.”

Okay, you got to sign into your Sonos account. So now we need to allow her to control our system. And verify that with our Amazon username and password.

Now you should be done. Alexa, play '80s Rock Pandora Radio.


Alexa: Getting your '80s Rock Radio Station from Pandora. Eighties Rock Radio Playing on Alexa Sonos. ♪ [music] ♪

Adam: Alexa, volume five.


So really handy not to have to go into the app, turn it up and down. Decide what you want to play. Alexa, thumbs up.

Alexa: Okay, rating saved.

Adam: So with built-in Alexa control, you can not only control Sonos, but anything else Alexa can do, this speaker will do. Checking the weather, talking to your lights, and then you would want to add other Amazon Dots around the house, so you can control other Sonos products, too.

Thank you everybody for watching today. This is Adam with World Wide Stereo reminding you to listen to music every day and come on in for a great demo of the new Sonos product in our showroom in Montgomeryville or Ardmore or always online at

Sonos One Voice-Controlled Wireless Smart Speaker

Sonos One Voice-Controlled Wireless Smart Speaker

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