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A pair of Focal Chorus 706 bookshelf speakers is the kind of gift that will make anyone say "merci" over and over again.

Made in France from a company that's been manufacturing loudspeakers since the 80s, the Chorus 706 are are a beauty to behold and listen to. What makes them so special? I'll get into the details in the video below, but here's a sneak peek: little glass beads in front of the speaker that contribute to its warm, rich sound.

Check out the video below for a full tour:

Video transcript

Hey, everyone, Adam from World Wide Stereo here, excited to showcase to you a new speaker line for us at World Wide from Focal. These are the Chorus 706 bookshelf speakers. It comes in at $1500 for a pair.

A couple of things about this speaker that make it special, first of all, Focal is French made. On the front of the speaker, you'll find something special here. It's actually little beads of glass on top of paper. So paper gives you that nice, rich, warm sound, but then the little glass beads in the front give it strength, so it's very strong and rigid.

Really nice bass that comes out of this speaker.

Something also different about Focal, they use an inverted dome tweeter so not a curved tweeter on the out, curved going in. Interesting design. Offers more control, a little bit better dispersion angle.

These speakers are available in a few different finishes. You have white, you have black, and then you have like a walnut wood tone that's available.

They're on display here at World Wide Stereo in Montgomeryville or always check them out here on

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Focal Chorus 706 Bookshelf Speakers

Focal Chorus 706 Bookshelf Speakers

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