The Perfect Poolside Home Theater Retreat


Our client wanted to bring their music, TV, and lighting poolside, so we got to work and delivered one of the best-sounding rooms in or outside of the house.

We had previously installed a whole house Savant system with distributed audio and Lutron lighting back in 2016. When the client decided to install a pool and a poolhouse, we extended the existing system out to these new spaces. Early coordination with builders allowed us to run conduit from the house, as well as pre-wiring for speakers and components.

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Designing a poolhouse theater.

We picked a 65" Seura 4K Storm TV for above the fireplace in the new poolhouse to deliver a stunning picture in a rugged, weatherproof package. Our client wanted big sound to match, so we designed a full surround sound system for the poolhouse as well. We installed Sonance LCR1 speakers for the front channels, paired with Sonance SUR1 surround speakers for the rear.

Our biggest surround sound challenge was delivering big bass in the relatively open structure of the poolhouse. To pull this off, we installed a Sonance VP12SUB system, consisting of a pair of 12" subwoofers with in-wall enclosures and a DPS amplifier to bring the power.

Power and AV switching for the poolhouse system is handled by an Integra DRX-5 7.2 channel Dolby Atmos network receiver, supplying an ample 145 Watts per channel. The receiver and all of the other components are installed in a Middle Atlantic rack hidden away in a mechanical room in the back of the poolhouse. The rack also features a Thermal Active management cooling system to keep the hardware cool in the summer heat.

For music around the pool and seating areas, we installed a pair of Sonance LS48 SLS landscape sound systems. Each system consists of eight LS48 satellite speakers, one LSV10 in-ground subwoofer, and a 750 Watt Sonance DSP amplifier. These deliver big, evenly distributed sound to everyone poolside.

A Savant system controls the music selection around the pool, as well as audio, video, and lighting sources for the poolhouse. The Savant control relies on a strong wireless signal, so we installed a Ruckus enterprise wireless network to guarantee solid Wi-Fi throughout the new spaces.

Inside the Poolhouse
Poolhouse Remote
Sonance LS48 satellite speakers

Lights, camera, action.

The Lutron lighting system controls fixtures via the Savant remote, Lutron app, wall dimmers, and timed events. For the pantry and bathroom area of the poolhouse, we also installed occupancy sensors to automatically handle lighting control when someone enters or exits the space.

We also placed two low light security cameras by IC Real Time into the network for security. Since the cameras are part of the network, the clients can see what is happening at the poolhouse via their smartphones when they're at home or away.

Protecting the investment.

To prevent the setup from power surges and spikes, everything is protected by a Panamax BlueBOLT system. This also allows us to reboot components remotely when needed. Additionally, we used Total Protection Design products to shield components from lightning strikes on the property, particularly via the speaker wires buried in the yard.

Our client was thrilled with the results, and the poolhouse has quickly become the family’s new favorite gathering place.

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Featured products in this project

65" Seura 4K Storm TV

Integra DRX-5 7.2 channel Dolby Atmos network receiver

Sonance VP12SUB 12" Subwoofers

Savant REM1000 REMOTE

Sonance LS48 SLS landscape sound systems

Sonance LCR1 Front Speakers

Sonance SUR1 Surround Speakers

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