SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer with Fully Active Dual 8-inch Drivers

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Product Information

Reference subwoofer performance just went micro.

Chest-pounding, musical bass with deep low-frequency extension, from a shockingly compact 10-inch cabinet. Many micro subwoofers have tried, all have failed. Until now. The miniature yet mighty SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer seamlessly blends into any room and speaker system, energizing space with astonishingly rich, effortless, and detailed bass for music and home theater that’s all the more impressive given its micro-sized enclosure.

Featuring innovations from the reference flagship SVS 16-Ultra subwoofers married to fully-active dual-opposing 8-inch drivers, and an 800 watt RMS, 2,500 watt Peak Power Sledge STA-800D2 amplifier with discreet MOSFET output, 3000 Micro delivers performance that obliterates every micro subwoofer imposter that has come before. Also features the powerful SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app for advanced tuning and control. Finally a micro subwoofer worthy of the name SVS.

Fully-Active Dual-Opposing 8-inch Drivers – Defy the Laws of Physics with Room-Shaking Output with Pinpoint Accuracy

A first-ever design for SVS, two fully active 8-inch woofers are mounted on opposite sides of the sealed cabinet and move in perfect unison to generate stunning low-frequency output with crisp, musical transients. The usable surface area of two fully-active 8-inch woofers firing in opposite directions achieves performance on par with significantly larger single-driver subwoofers. Its tight, punchy output obliterates multi-driver passive radiator subwoofer designs known for their bloated and boomy sound.

By firing in opposite directions, the mechanical energy transferred to the cabinet is effectively canceled out. This creates a sonically inert environment and solves the longtime curse of micro subwoofers, which are known to “dance” or “walk” across the room.

The dual drivers are connected in parallel to a single power amplifier. Each receives the same amount of current, ensuring pinpoint control and more precise, accurate bass. The use of aluminum throughout the woofer, from bobbin to cone, makes a lightweight, stiff, and thermally-optimized driver without resonances or extraneous vibrations.

Each high-excursion 8-inch driver employs a progressive inverted surround to ensure maximum linear displacement. This is imperative for moving massive amounts of air and generating sound pressure levels you can feel at the deepest frequencies from such a small enclosure.

  • Precisely tuned overhung motor configuration for unerring woofer control at all drive levels
  • Proprietary injection-molded NBR surrounds built for extreme-excursion and longevity at reference playback levels.
    • Total Excursion (each driver): 24mm Xmax, 37mm Xmech
  • High-current 4-layer copper voice coil winding minimizes distortion and power compression while providing effective heat dissipation and tuned magnetics for accuracy at high excursion
  • Formidable proprietary ferrite motor system generates high-flux-density magnetic fields to drive room-filling sound pressure levels with pinpoint transient speed
  • Dual 8-inch baskets with FEA optimized powder-coated frames for maximum rigidity, thermal conductivity, and mechanical damping

Innovative Motor Assembly - Maximizes Current Delivery for Dual-Driver Array

An oversized, vented motor structure is optimized for efficient thermal and mechanical-energy management in a confined space. The massive electromagnetic force produced by the motor, in symphony with the high current driving power of the Sledge amplifier, allows the 3000 Micro to maximize the output potential of the dual drivers.

Sledge STA-800D2 Amplifier – Massive Output with Precise Driver Control

A driver is only potential and requires an equally potent amplifier. Extreme challenges existed for SVS engineers when designing an amplifier capable of powering fully-active dual 8-inch drivers at reference levels in a micro-sized cabinet. How to maximize SPLs while maintaining accuracy? How to optimize the potential of room gain? How to maintain proper cooling while achieving massive SPLs?

SVS met these challenges with an 800 watt RMS, 2,500+ watt peak power Sledge STA-800D2 power amplifier that combines the high-current output of discrete MOSFETs with Class D efficiency and the processing power of an Analog Devices DSP. The 3000 Micro subwoofer’s amplifier effortlessly produces sustained high-current output for the most difficult low-frequency playback without clipping or bottoming out. Convincing, high-impact audio experiences without a trace of distortion.

  • High Current Output from Fully Discrete MOSFETs with the efficiency of Class D amplification allows the Sledge STA-800D2 amplifier to generate massive amounts of current enabling immense output with surgical precision.
  • Optimized frequency response curves for the sealed cabinet 3000 Micro allow the subwoofer to take control of a room and pressurize it with accurate, heart-pounding, acoustically tuned bass.
  • Sophisticated multi-band limiters enable the system to behave effortlessly move air and with complete control, even when played at extreme levels.

Sophisticated 50 MHz DSP Engine – Unrivaled Processing Power from a Home Audio Subwoofer

A 50 MHz Analog Devices DSP, normally reserved for high-end separate audio components, delivers sophisticated control and custom response curves optimized for real-world output and acoustically tuned room gain.

DSP plays a huge role in making the 3000 Micro subwoofer sound far bigger than its size. SVS engineers painstakingly crafted an in-room frequency response curve that fully maximizes the potential of a room’s boundaries to produce greater output and deeper bass extension without bloat or boominess. The result, a subwoofer that far exceeds expectations given its size.

3000 Micro Smartphone App – Easiest Way Ever to Manage Subwoofer DSP and Control

The most convenient way ever to control volume, access multiple DSP functions, and program custom preset tuning profiles optimized for music, movies, gaming, and more. All accessible with a single touch. Adjust crossover frequencies, a three-band parametric EQ, polarity, room gain, and more, all from your favorite seat.

  • Connects via Bluetooth for convenient control even when the subwoofer is out of sight.
  • Saved custom presets for one-touch tuning with optimized settings based on listening preferences for movies, music, and more, with one-touch access.
  • 3-band parametric EQ controller allows precise adjustments for boost or cut, Q-factor, and frequency down to the single Hz level to eliminate peaks, nulls, and other room issues

Rear Panel Intelligent Control Interface (ICI)

Rear-panel SVS Intelligent Control Interface (ICI) provides control options and connections for the subwoofer’s most critical functions.

  • Level Control to fine-tune the overall output level that best matches the system and room
  • Low pass filter control to ensure smooth sonic transitions and seamless blending with the main speakers
  • Phase control to align the subwoofer’s output timing with the main speakers or additional subwoofers
  • USB port provides power for the SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter (sold separately) which eliminates the need for a cable run to the subwoofer from the source component.
  • RCA Audio Interconnect Input for use with most AV receivers and preamplifiers
  • Speaker Level Stereo Inputs for use with legacy receivers

Acoustically Inert and Rigidly Braced Sealed-Cabinet Design

Handsomely styled to complement the finest home theater and HiFi systems, yet compact enough to stash out of sight, the acoustically optimized 3000 Micro sealed cabinet design blends with any room or setup. Features extra-thick MDF front baffle and rigid internal bracing for a resonance-free environment that remains motionless even at peak playback levels, solving a long-time issue of “dancing” micro subwoofers. Serves as a blank canvas for uncompromised subwoofer performance.

  • Acoustic absorption eliminates all coloration from the cabinet, even when the deepest low frequencies are played at reference volume.
  • Protective non-resonant extra-thick ABS grille frame with fabric mesh cover shields driver to prevent damage while ensuring longevity
  • Reinforced internal bracing for resonance-free performance at highest drive levels
  • Custom iso-elastomer screw-in feet reduce noise artifacts and improve stability



  • Performance Specs
    • Frequency Response: 23Hz to 240Hz +/-3dB
    • Roll-off slope specifically optimized to take maximum advantage of available room gain
    • 2-meter ground plane away from reflective structures (quasi-anechoic)
  • Subwoofer Specs
    • Dimensions (including grilles) (W x H x D): 11.7" x 10.9” x 10.7”
    • Weight: 22.5lbs
    • Dual opposing 8-inch active drivers designed acoustically and electrically in parallel
    • 800-watt RMS, 2,500-watts peak Sledge STA-800D amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output
    • Rear-mounted internal amplifier with Intelligent Control Interface (ICI)
    • Screw-in rubber feet
    • Structurally reinforced MDF cabinet construction
  • Driver Specs
    • Dual opposing 8-inch drivers designed electrically and mechanically in parallel for massive output from and a sonically inert cabinet, and ultra-low system vibration even at maximum output levels
    • Precisely tuned overhung motor configuration for precise woofer control at all drive levels
    • Proprietary injection-molded NBR surround built for extreme-excursion and longevity at reference playback levels
      • Total Excursion (each driver): 24mm Xmax, 37mm Xmech
    • 1100 aluminum single piece cone and junction provide excellent stiffness and a lightweight moving mass with optimized thermal conduction
    • High-current 4-layer copper voice coil winding minimizes distortion and power compression while providing effective heat dissipation and tuned magnetics for accuracy at high excursion
    • Powerful proprietary ferrite motor system generates high-flux-density magnetic fields to drive room-filling sound pressure levels with pinpoint transient speed
    • Precision machining for motor and narrow tolerance suspension parts maintain control and linearity at full excursion
    • 6061 aluminum shorting ring improves the linearity of magnetics and reduces distortion and gap inductance
    • High-temperature 5025-H18 aluminum former/bobbin
    • 5-inch composite poly-cotton extreme-linear-excursion spider
    • Dual 24-strand plated copper leads
    • High-performance oversized Y30 Ferrite magnet motor
    • Top plate assembly with low carbon 1010 steel completes the driver’s precision magnetic circuit
    • Oversized low carbon 1010 steel U-yoke for maximum cooling
    • Dual 8-inch baskets with FEA optimized powder-coated frames for maximum rigidity, thermal conductivity, and mechanical damping
  • Sledge STA-800DM Amplifier Specs
    • Effortless on-demand power from 800-watt RMS, 2,500-watt peak Sledge STA-800DM amplifier with fully-discrete MOSFET output
    • High-efficiency Class-D switching topology with massive 25-amp 600-volt MOSFETs results in ample current, vanishing distortion and excellent linearity to generate massive low-frequency output with pinpoint accuracy
    • High-resolution 50MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP with double precision 56-bit filtering industry best processing power for advanced control and pristine output
    • User-adjustable settings for system performance optimization: low pass filter, phase, polarity, room gain, and three parametric equalizers
    • Groundbreaking SVS subwoofer DSP and Bluetooth smartphone control app for iOS, Android and Amazon devices allow custom tuning and user presets for every room and system
    • Stereo RCA input and output with ultra-wide input voltage for consumer and professional audio applications
    • Rear panel Intelligent Control Interface (ICI) user interface with blue-LED light bar display and easy push-button controls
    • Auto/On and 3-12V AC/DC trigger for Maximum Installation Convenience
    • Input impedance 16 k? (unbalanced RCA)
    • Environmentally-friendly 0.5-watt low-standby-power consumption
    • RoHS compliant, lead-free construction, world-wide safety certifications
  • SVS Subwoofer DSP and Control Smartphone App
    • Powerful Bluetooth-controlled subwoofer DSP app works with iOS, Android, and Amazon operating systems
    • Provides easy and convenient way to adjust crossover frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, room gain, and all other bass-management functions
    • Three convenient custom presets allow for perfect tuning in any room or system, from your favorite seat
    • Bidirectional-feedback shows adjustments in real-time on both app and subwoofer rear panel interface

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • Dual protective non-resonant steel mesh grilles
  • Isolating elastomer feet
  • Heavy-duty, high-current 6-inch power cord
  • Quick Start Guide


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Customer Reviews for SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer with Fully Active Dual 8-inch Drivers

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Rated 5 out of 5
Quality Plug and Play
Best quality plug and play option in the market for a modest home theatre. Shipping was prompt and product met my expectations.
October 14, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Very Impressed With 3000 Micro
I thought my Klipsch Heresy iv speakers were good before, but the 3000 Micro has made a massive improvement. The sound is so much fuller and richer than before. Can’t recommend this mighty little sub enough!
September 19, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
I found with the SVS 3000 Micro sub the answer to my bass needs when playing vinyl in a small to medium room

I can't tell you enough how happy I am with the purchase of the SVS 3000 Micro sub.
My Dali Opticon 2 stereo set was lacking some layers in bass below 60 hz and with the addition of this sub the whole soundstage opened up. This was exactly what I was looking for when playing vinyl or streaming via BT.
It is connected to a NAD D3045 amp.
Since I needed a very compact sub that fitted in between the couch and a wall the 3000 micro was just right.
Before buying the unit the helpdesk responded amazingly quick and answered all my questions.
Besides the amazing musical output the sub is extremely user friendly because of the decent and steady app that allows you to adjust the bass for every track you play, whenever required.
Whether it is vinyl or streamed via bluetooth or else.

The sub is highly recommended for everyone that needs a practical bass solution in a small to medium room.

Best regards,

(The Netherlands)
September 16, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
App control in subs should be a mandatory requirement!
• Ease of use: the app is very stable and responsive on my android phone. It makes dialing in the subs so easy. Folks often can’t get their phase or other settings just right on other subs because they have to change the settings on the rear and then go back to their listening position. With these, you can dial in the settings real-time • Tiny and attractive subs: the build quality close-up is undeniable • High fidelity: the bass is extremely tight and textured • Output: The output isn’t as impressive as a typical high powered sub that is 12” or more. It’s SPL output is somewhere between a typical 10” and 12” premium sub. However, that means if you’re listening in a small or mid-sized room (which is ~90% of the rooms in all houses, 100% of all condos) at normal human listening levels, one sub will give enough SPL. My open concept condo’s room gain allows for a pair of these to give me a flat response to the low 20s. This is enough for even the most demanding films. • SVS service and customer care: I’ve not needed it, but everyone swears by SVS’ customer care
July 6, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
The bass hit so hard you feel it in your chest Bluetooth app was a little confusing at first but now it’s easy And now I have it adjusted just for movies and let me tell you in a blow you away
May 18, 2021
over 2 years ago


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What is the wattage?
David D on Dec 22, 2022
  Thanks for your inquiry.
800-watt RMS, 2,500-watts peak Sledge STA-800D amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output
Only 6 power cord?
Anthony on Feb 22, 2022
  Thanks for your question. From the SVS published included accessories: Heavy-duty, high-current 6-foot power cord. Thanks for bringing this typo to our attention.