Sony XAVAX5500 7" Bluetooth Media Receiver with Weblink Cast

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Stay safe and connected on the road with Sony’s 6.95” AX5500 Media Receiver. Enjoy the apps and features you know and love with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Mirror your smartphone screen directly to the bezel-less display with Weblink™ Cast compatibility and give your music a boost with the Dynamic Reality Amp 2.


  • Rear-camera ready for easy reversing
  • Ergonomic key terminal for easy operation
  • Bluetooth-enabled for hands-free calls and wireless music playback

Siri with Apple CarPlay

Easily access the iPhone features you know and love, just by talking to Siri. Music, maps, phone calls and messages are all under your control.

Voice Control with Android Auto

Use voice commands to dictate messages, take phone calls or get help from Google Maps. You can even control music playback, just by talking.

Weblink Cast compatible

WebLink is a lightweight app delivery platform designed especially for in-vehicle use. Using the Android or iOS device connection, it is now possible to mirror your smartphone screen right on the car audio display – for reliable, responsive infotainment anytime on the road.

See and control everything on a flush 6.95" (diag.) touchscreen

Bring up maps, sort through playlists, and make phone calls – all with just a quick tap on the touch controls. The ultra-slim 6.95" (diag.) (17.6cm) display uses a bezel-less panel, for a smooth fit on the dashboard that blends seamlessly with your car interior.

Dual USB ports

Enjoy all the greatest hits from your music library while your phone handles directions. Thanks to dual USB ports, you can connect your smartphone and USB device at the same time.

3 X 5V pre-outs

Sony’s head unit with high voltage pre-out gives a strong 5-volt signal that provides a clearer sound for optimal connection to external power amplifiers. Build your own audio system the way you like.

Customizable Wallpaper

Feel free to change your display’s wallpaper to the preset color choices or upload your favorite JPEG image via USB device.

4 x 55W amplification for clear, powerful sound

The Dynamic Reality Amp 2 gives you 4x 55W of power, so you can play music as loudly or as softly as you like. The amp has 47% less internal resistance than conventional units for increased output and clear, natural sound at any volume.

Dynamic Stage Organizer creates virtual speakers on your dashboard

Sound waves are directional, especially at higher frequencies – so if your speakers are positioned low in your doors, high-frequency sounds are often lost, reducing clarity and instrument separation. Dynamic Stage Organizer uses digital signal processing to lift the sound, improving stereo positioning so music sounds like it’s coming from right in front of you.

Rear camera ready for easy reversing

If you’ve got a rear camera installed, you can use it to help you park. Whenever you tap the rear camera icon or put your vehicle in reverse, the video feed instantly comes up on screen. Customizable guidelines help you to back in smoothly and safely.

Bluetooth wireless technology

Make hands-free calls and stream wireless audio from your smartphone with Bluetooth.

FLAC compatible

FLAC compatibility lets you play lossless audio files, so you can enjoy every detail of the music.

Sirius XM Radio ready

Connect your Sirius XM Radio satellite tuner (not supplied) to enjoy commercial-free music, sports, news, and entertainment.

Easy installation with a compact rear chassis

Despite its double-DIN display, the rear chassis is far smaller than conventional double-DIN units. This makes for much easier installation and leaves plenty of room for cabling and other accessories in the space behind the display.



Bluetooth Audio Features

  • Audio Codec (Bluetooth Audio): SBC / AAC
  • Audio Level Adjustment: Yes (-6 dB to +6 dB)
  • CUE / REV: Yes
  • Group (Folder) +/-: Yes
  • Meta Data Indication: Yes
  • Pause (Bluetooth Audio): Yes
  • Repeat Control (Audio Device side): Yes
  • Shuffle Control (Audio Device side): Yes
  • TRACK +/-: Yes

Bluetooth Feature & Device

  • # of records connected: 9
  • A2DP: Yes (1.3)
  • AVRCP: Yes (1.3)
  • Alphabetical Phonebook Sorting (PBAP): Yes
  • Audio Codec: SBC/ AAC
  • Audio Level Adjustment: Yes ( -6dB to +6dB)
  • Battery remainder indication: Yes
  • Brightness: 500cd/m2
  • CUE/REV: Yes
  • Caution: English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Russian/Portuguese/Thai/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Arabic/Indonesian
  • Color System: NTSC/PAL
  • Color System Auto switch: Yes
  • Contrast Ratio: 400
  • Device Name: XAV-AX5500
  • Dimmer: Yes
  • Dimmer Adjust: Yes
  • Dimmer Area: Display Monitor and Key
  • Dimmer Method: Auto/Manual select
  • External microphone: Supplied
  • Group (Folder) +/-: Yes
  • HFP: Yes (1.6)
  • ID3 Tag: English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Russian/Portuguese/Thai/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Arabic/Indonesian
  • LCD Type: TFT Active Matrix
  • Last dialed call: Yes(select from the dialed call history)
  • MIC GAIN Adjustment: Low/Mid/High
  • Menu: English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Russian/Portuguese/Thai/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Arabic/Indonesian
  • Menu/Caution Initial: English
  • Meta Data Indication: Yes
  • Monitor off mode: Yes
  • PAUSE: Yes
  • PBAP: Yes (1.1)
  • Panel Surface Finish Color: Black
  • Phonebook Access via PBAP: Yes
  • RF ON/OFF: Yes
  • Repeat Control (Audio Device side): Yes
  • Resolution(DOT): 800 × 480
  • Response Time (black->white/white->black): 20/20ms
  • Screen Aspect: 17:09
  • Screen Diagonal(inch/mm): 6.95 inch
  • Screen Mode: Yes: TYpe1 to 4
  • Screen Size(WxH mm): 156.6 * 81.6(mm)
  • Shuffle Control (Audio Device side): Yes
  • Signal strength indication: Yes
  • TEL out channel: Front
  • TRACK +/-: Yes
  • Version: Bluetooth Version 3.0
  • Viewing Angle (Contrast Ratio 10:1): 70/70/60/60 (L/R/U/D)
  • call volume level control: Yes
  • connection status (maximum #): [1HFP/PBAP+1Audio]
  • echo canceller: Yes
  • internal ringtone: 1(2016 Sony Mobile Ringtone)
  • key illumination: Yes (White)
  • noise canceller: Yes
  • phonebook code: UTF8
  • recent calls (#of): Yes
  • ring volume level control: Yes
  • speed dial: Yes (6 memories)

Bluetooth Features

  • Alphabetical Phonebook Sorting: Yes
  • Call Volume Level Control: Yes
  • External Microphone: Supplied
  • Last Dialed Call: YES (select from the dialed call history)
  • Phone Battery Level Reminder: Yes
  • Phonebook Access via PBAP: Yes
  • Recent Calls (# of): Yes
  • Ring Volume Level Control: Yes
  • Signal Strength Indication: Yes
  • Speed Dial: Yes (6 memories)

Bluetooth Profile

  • A2DP: Yes (1.3)
  • AVRCP: Yes (1.3)
  • HFP 1.5: Yes (1.6)
  • PBAP: Yes (1.1)


  • Bluetooth: Yes

Display Panel

  • Dimmer Adjust: Yes

Feature & Device

  • AAC playback: Yes
  • Android Auto: Yes
  • Apple CarPlay: Yes
  • Auto Memory: BTM
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • CUE/REV: Yes (Video: lock search)
  • DSO: Yes
  • EXTRA BASS: Yes(Off/1/2)
  • Firmware upgradability: Yes
  • Gesture Command: Yes
  • Graphic Equalizer: 10Band Graphic Equalizer
  • H.264 playback: Yes
  • High Voltage Pre Out: 5V
  • ID3 Tag Indication (Version, Title/Artist/Album): Yes
  • List: Yes
  • MP3 playback: Yes
  • MPEG-4 playback: Yes
  • Max Layer#/Folder#/File#: 8/1000/20000
  • Output Power: 55W
  • Pause: Yes
  • Pre Out: 3 Pre (Front / Rear / Sub x 1)
  • Preset: FM18/AM12
  • RDS/EON: Yes (RBDS)
  • Rear View Camera Input: Yes
  • Repeat: Yes
  • Repeat Initial: All
  • Screen Size (Inch / mm): 176 mm (6.95 in)
  • Shuffle: Yes
  • Shuffle initial: Off
  • Sirius XM Ready: Yes
  • Tag Indication: Yes (USB2, USB1: Except Flac and WAV) No for extention cable
  • Touch Panel: Yes / Capacitive(No AG) (Not Multi Touch Compatible)
  • USB: Yes (Rear x2)
  • USB High Charge: Yes (1.5A)
  • Voice Command (Smartphone Function) Activate: Yes (only CPAA)
  • WAV playback: Yes
  • WMA playback: Yes
  • Xvid playback: Yes

General Features

  • DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer): Yes
  • EXTRA BASS: Yes (Off/1/2)
  • Equalizer: 10-band Graphic Equalizer
  • Firmware upgradability: Yes
  • Output Power: 55 W x4
  • Pre Out: 3 Pre (Front/Rear/Sub x 1)
  • Rear View Camera in: Yes
  • USB: Yes (Rear x2)


  • Brightness: 500 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio: 400
  • Dimmer: Yes
  • LCD Type: TFT Active Matrix
  • Resolution (DOT): 800 x 480
  • Screen Aspect: 17: 9
  • Screen Diagonal (inch / mm): 6.95 inch
  • Screen Size (W x H mm): 156.6 x 81.6 (mm)


  • Caution: English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Russian/Portuguese/Thai/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Arabic/Indonesian
  • ID3 Tag: English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Russian/Portuguese/Thai/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Arabic/Indonesian
  • Menu: English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Russian/Portuguese/Thai/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Arabic/Indonesian


  • Bluetooth Logo Certification: Yes
  • USB-IF Compliance Test: Yes
  • Warranty card: Yes(NA for 3years)

Others Features

  • Aspect Ratio Select: Yes
  • Clock: 12H
  • Demo Mode: Yes
  • List Function: Yes
  • Parking Control: Yes
  • Rear View Camera-In Marker Setting: Yes
  • Remote Commander ( ):Option: RM-X170
  • Source List: Yes
  • Wallpaper Initial: Blue
  • Wallpaper custormization: Yes (From initial production or SW update, TBD.)

Panel Design

  • Key Illumination: Yes (White)
  • Panel Surface Finish Color: Black

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 7.01 x 3.94 x 5.47 inches
  • Weight: 2.20 lb

Specifications chart

  • ANT connector: JASO
  • Accessibility: Closed Caption / TTS: No support
  • CTA2006 S/N: 80dBA
  • CTA2006 output power: 20W
  • Connector type: 16P
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm): 178x100x139
  • FM:Tuning range(MHz): 87.5-107.9
  • FM[Tuning range(MHz)/step(kHz)/de-emphasis(mus)] 87.5-107.9/200/75: Yes
  • MW:Tuning range(kHz): 530-1710
  • MW[Tuning range(kHz)/step(kHz)] 530-1710/10: Yes
  • Maximum output power (4ohms, 1kHz, 16V)(W): 55W
  • Mounting dimensions (WxHxD)(mm): 182x111x120
  • POP: Yes (CPAA)
  • Preout output level(V): 5Vrms
  • Ship: 2020 WK7
  • Speaker impedance(ohms) : 4-8Ω
  • Weight(kg): 1

Tuner Features

  • Auto Memory: BTM
  • Preset: FM18 / AM12
  • RDS / EON: Yes (RBDS)

USB Feature & Device

  • Audio Playable File Extension: USB1: .wav/.mp3/.wma/.m4a/.flac, USB2:.mp3/.wma/.flac
  • File System: USB1: exFAT, FAT12/16/32, USB2: FAT12/16/32
  • MTP: USB1: No, USB2: Yes
  • Pause: Yes
  • Resume Play: Yes
  • USB Mass Strage Device: Yes
  • USB Media Transfer Protocol: USB1: No, USB2: Yes
  • Version: USB1: USB2.0 (High speed),USB2: USB2.0 (Full speed)
  • Video Codec: Only USB1:MPEG4-SP/AVC(H.264 Baseline)/WMV/MKV/XviD
  • Video Playable File Extension: Only USB1: .mp4/.wmv/.mkv
  • connection-enabled device list: WEB Support

USB Mass Storage Device Control Feature

  • USB Device Control (Audio Codec): USB1: PCM / MP3 / WMA / AAC / FLAC, USB2: MP3 / WMA / FLAC
  • USB Device Control (Pause): Yes
  • USB Device Control (Repeat): TRACK / FOLDER / DRIVE
  • USB Device Control (Resume Play): Yes
  • USB Device Control (Shuffle): OFF / FOLDER / DEVICE
  • USB Device Control (Video Codec): Only USB1: MPEG4-SP / AVC (H.264 Baseline) / WMV / MKV / XviD
  • USB device control (audio playable file extension): USB1: .wav / .mp3 / .wma / .m4a / .flac, USB2: .mp3 / .wma / .flac
  • USB device control (video playable file extension): Only USB1: .mp4 / .wmv / .mkv

User Interface

  • Aspect Ratio Select: Yes
  • Gesture Command: Yes
  • Parking Control: Yes
  • Parking Line Adjust: Yes
  • Rear View Camera-In Marker Setting: Yes
  • Remote Commander: RM-X170
  • Touch Panel: Yes/Capacitive

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • Double Din Multimedia Receiver


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