Focal Speakers: Floorstanding, Bookshelf and Car

Focal, pronounced “foe-cale,” designs and manufactures loudspeakers and in-ceiling speakers for the home, speaker drivers for automobiles, and headphones for both music lovers and some of the world’s finest recording studios. The company was established in 1983 in Saint-Etienne, France, four years after we opened our own doors. Today, Focal is a major player on the world stage and highly respected for innovation, superior craftsmanship, and, in our opinion, some truly amazing audio gear. Check out our private tour of the factory in France to see how these handmade speakers are brought to life. World Wide Stereo is proud to include Focal on our shelves for fans everywhere. Vive la Focal!

35 Years of French Design & Fine Music
For over 35 years, Focal has poured an unwavering amount of attention and care into the design, engineering, and development of their speakers. Though many large audio/video companies over the same time period have taken on new product lines and categories - like, say adding dishwashers and toaster to their lines of TVs and stereos - Focal's passion remains as pure as it was in the beginning. These folks are 100% devoted to pursuing the most faithful reproduction of sound possible, at all costs. As a result, we've all benefited from Focal's singular pursuit of innovation.

Focal builds everything from the ground up; every component is designed to work together to achieve the best possible musical fidelity. Focal prides itself in having full control over their entire production and assembly process, which means they build and design all of their machines and tools in the same factory where the speakers themselves are created. Focal's careful engineering focuses on making their drivers as efficient as possible, using materials like Beryllium and technology like their proprietary ""W Sandwich"" to ensure their speakers deliver pure, beautiful sound.

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