Klipsch – Keeping the neighbors up since 1946.

Hope, Arkansas –1946: American audio pioneer and true eccentric Paul Klipsch designs and builds the legendary Klipschorn® speaker with the goal of bringing live music into his living room. Today, hundreds of patents later, Paul Klipsch is in the Engineering & Science Hall of Fame, and his company is universally crowned “keepers of the sound.” From immersive cinema speakers and home theater systems to sound bars, wireless speakers and headphones, the name Klipsch is synonymous with vibrant, rich audio – the stuff legends are made of. Or, in their words: “we are here to keep the flame burning for our legions of loyal, rabid fans. We are knights and humble servants of audio’s holy grail.” And to that, we say “hallelujah.”

Klipsch Home Theater systems were the first to achieve legendary status, and include Klipsch's Reference Premiere, Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos, Reference, Palladium®, Gallery® and Quintet. For great, live-sounding music at home, Klipsch offers the Klipschorn 70th Anniversary Edition, the Heresy III 70th Anniversary Edition, Klipschorn, La Scala II, Cornwall III and Heresy III.

Klipsch Speakers