World Wide Stereo and SVS’s Earth-Shaking 16-Ultra Subwoofer Launch Party

The joint was a jumpin’, the earth was shaking...

It was a party at World Wide Stereo’s Montgomeryville store for the launch of SVS’ latest 16” Ultra-Subwoofer. Catered by our friends at Izenberg's Catering & Cafe, and with a little help from Fine Wine and Good Spirits, we hosted a premium event where music and home theater were the stars of the show.

SVS has emerged over the last few years as one of the top “Bang-for-Your-Buck” audio brands out there. Our founder, Bob Cole said, “They don't consider themselves just a 'budget' or 'value' audio brand - that's just a perk. It’s high-end, full immersive sound at an affordable price.” It is the latest addition of World Wide Stereo’s “best of class,” audio products.

SVS President, and longtime friend of our Founder Bob Cole, Gary Yacoubian was the guest of honor.

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      Gary Yacoubian (left) & Bob Cole (right)

Experience Zones

 On demo were the SVS Ultra and Prime speakers in our high end two-channel and home audio set ups. 

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Guests getting a subwoofer demo
Guests during a subwoofer demo

Blockbuster Giveaways

Ever since World Wide Stereo announced the new partnership with SVS this past winter, interest has been high. Folks drove from all over to join us - Bethlehem, PA, Cape May, NJ, even Connecticut - and we couldn't be more thrilled. There were giveaways and hardly anyone went home empty handed. 

Giveway products
Gary picking the giveaway winners
Bob with one giveaway winner
Bob with the other giveaway winner

The Grand Prize Winners

There were two grand prize winners: Al C. from Marmora, NJ took home a full-on Prime 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos home theater system, a $1500 value.  Gary T. from Glenside, PA  won a $1,000 Integra Home Theater Receiver and couldn’t wait to get home to hook it up. 

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Thank you to everyone that joined us from near and far to make this such a wonderful event!

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