Unboxing the Sonus Faber Veneré S Speakers

Unboxing the Sonus Faber Veneré S Speakers

Italian Elegance with Serious Power 

Join Tommy as he unboxes and sets up our newest addition in the Ardmore showroom: the Sonus Faber Veneré S Speakers. These speakers are handmade from real wood, and offer a superbly clean and natural sound. Sonus Faber is an Italian brand that, unlike many of its competitors, focuses on using (rather than isolating and avoiding) the box’s natural acoustics to supplement the sound, much like a violin or guitar does. The S in Veneré S stands for Signature – dynamic sound like this cannot be replicated by lesser speakers. 

The Veneré S is a 3-way floor standing speaker that has a nominal impedance of 4Ω and is bi-wire ready. The largest and grandest speaker in the Veneré line, the Veneré S is available in a variety of finishes, all handmade and scrutinized for perfection by Sonus Faber’s in-house design and engineering group. Much like the Sonus Faber Veneré 3.0, a pair of Veneré S speakers essentially comprises an entire home theater system. Simply put, these Sonus Faber speakers are a marvel of sonic superiority and stunning design. The Veneré S has a personality all its own; power, grace and luxury are par for the course. 

Watch as Tommy unboxes the Sonus Faber Veneré S Speakers at our Ardmore, PA showroom

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