4 Truly Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy Now

4 Truly Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy Now

The wireless trend has struck again. We’ve cut the cord with speakers, home theater systems, TVs, and over-ear headphones. The latest to lose the long cord? In-ear headphones.

Truly wireless earbuds are in-ear Bluetooth headphones that don't have any wires connecting to each other or to a music player. That's right — not a single cord to be found, so you're free to do things like hit the gym or dance the Y.M.C.A. without accidentally ripping your headphones out of your ears. 

Like all pioneering technologies, there are a few bugs in the system. But software updates are already becoming available to fix those issues. All in all, we are impressed by this new technology. What’s not to love about headphones that produce great sound with no wires to hold you back?

So to our early adopters out there, here are 4 truly wireless headphones to check out:

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With the best total battery life available (4 hours playback, 20 total hours more through rechargeable case), JBL comes into the ring swinging. As with all their other earbuds, JBL puts a big focus on comfort and fit, and it shows. The JBL Free headphones lay very discreetly, staying nicely in place within the ear. Versatility is a big bonus to these earbuds. Use one earpiece for phone calls, two for music. Multi-function buttons on each earbud also makes it easy to change songs, access Siri and pause/play songs. Three different size ear-tips and gel sleeves enable you to find the perfect fit, and the splash-proof design keeps the headphone safe, rain or shine.

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For the tech freak, the Sony WF-1000X/BM1 earbuds offer a litany of unique features, including acoustic noise-cancelling which can be toggled off if you need to stay aware of your surroundings, NFC capability and a companion mobile app for better control of the inner-workings. These truly wireless earbuds also have Smart Listening, which is a system that automatically adapts and adjusts your sound to changing environments. When you want to skip tracks or answer calls, simply tap the button on the right earbud so you don't have to break out your phone. These features do come at a cost, however. You only get a 3-hour battery life, plus an additional six hours through the rechargeable case. This pair from Sony are, without a doubt, the Summa Cum Laude of the group.

$178   |   Shop now >

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If you can trust anyone to know the target audience of a product, it's Bose. They definitely geared their truly wireless in-ears offering to the gym rats – sweat and weather resistant (not waterproof!), and an ergonomic ear tip designed to stay put during even the most rigorous workouts. The Bose SoundSport Free in-ears are superbly comfortable, and offer a surprising 5 hour battery life (10 additional hours through the rechargeable case). If 5 hours isn’t enough to get you through, it also offers a quick charge: 45 minutes of listening after just 15 minutes of charging! Control buttons are built into the earbuds, so you can skip tracks and pause songs with ease. Plus, should you find that one of your buds has vanished, the Bose Connect mobile app provides a handy “find my earbud” feature. More good news: We're giving away a free pair of these wireless buds. Click here to enter for a chance to win.

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Bang & Olufsen always seems to find a way to make something simple more refined, more cool, and more beautiful. That beauty is never just skin deep, though. B&O specializes in excellent audio performance, and these buds are no slouch. Even the noise-cancelling technology is next level — the Beoplay E8 headphones offer three levels of isolation so you can customize your experience based on the environment you are in. The earbuds also feature an intuitive touch interface, so you can activate voice commands, take calls, and control your music with a simple tap — no mobile device needed. Battery life is 4 hours (8 additional hours through the rechargeable case). 

$299   |   Shop now >

Go completely cordless.

While this list only features a few of our favorites, be sure to check out our complete selection of truly wireless headphones, including ones from PSB and more from Sony!

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