Tivoli Model One Digital Radio Review

Tivoli Model One Digital Radio Review

A Classic Radio for the Modern Era 

Tivoli Audio has long been well-regarded for their ability to appeal to the design lover and the audio enthusiast with their retro modern tabletop radios. And now they've taken the digitizing of a mid-century modern design aesthetic one step further with the release of their Model One Digital. This is no ordinary tabletop radio. The M1D incorporates a digital tuner so you can tune into that local broadcast as well as WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity so you can stream your favorite music easily via a the Tivoli Audio ART app on your Smart device.

But let's talk about what I think really makes this thing cool - and it's what Tivoli does best. They seamlessly married a high resolution digital display with a control dial that has an analogue feel. And there's something about an analogue dial that just feels right. The brushed aluminum multi-operational dial lets you scroll through tracks and playlists or change radio stations depending on the mode you're on. Another multi-operational dial lets you adjust volume and lets you move between sources. No unnecessary buttons, switches, no glitz, no glamour, just high design.

The nod to retro Danish design comes from the eco-friendly fabric of the speaker grill and the furniture grade wood cabinet that comes in Tivoli's signature finishes: black ash, white, walnut (my personal favorite).


Tivoli Model One Digital Black





Performance and Power

With a variety of modern features, Tivoli’s retro looking tabletop radio has finally received the digital overhaul we’ve been waiting for. Audiophiles have come to expect a specific set of features in the high end portable audio arena, and the M1 Digital delivers with Bluetooth connectivity, access to streaming services, and an intuitive color display. From the sound purist’s perspective, the M1 Digital punches far above its weight in both performance and power without skimping on the AM/FM tuning and programming capabilities that the old school Tivoli lovers see as par for the course. Unlike its predecessor, the M1 Digital is capable of filling a far larger room with surprising decibel levels (maxing out over 110) and a solid bass response that’s tough to find in a unit with a relatively small footprint.

The M1 Digital has kept many of the most sought after features of the original Model One radio, and improved both the functionality and wood encased style that audiophiles crave. With Tivoli’s trademark extra-large dials and rich audio detailing, it’s easy to see the distinction between a Tivoli radio and many of the standard portable speaker and desktop radio options that simply don’t inspire the imagination. Control the action from the Tivoli Audio ART app and sync up seamlessly to Tidal, Spotify, or any other streaming music apps your heart desires.

Alone... or Together

Sculpt the perfect smart home listening experience with our expertly selected ART collection speaker bundles. Those that crave even more audio options can pair the M1D with other components from Tivoli’s Art product line. In fact, any combo of Cube and ART products (24 maximum) can be linked up using the “Party Mode” feature, creating a true stereo or multi-room audio environment.

The Bottom Line

Tivoli’s Model One Digital is a versatile unit, engineered to impress in both performance and functionality without the higher price tag of similar products. With an elegant and modern design, the M1D seamlessly fits into the décor in any room in your home. Simply put, the 21st century radio has finally arrived. 

Check out our unboxing of the Model One Digital:

Opening the box Opening the box part 2 Viewing the set up guide Carefully taking off the foam Removing the plastic Setting up the plug Plugging it in Putting on the antenna Compatible streaming services Pairing it via Bluetooth
Tivoli Audio Model One Digital  FM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Radio

Tivoli Audio Model One Digital FM/
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Radio 


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