Meet SVS - Speakers and Subs That Don't Mess Around

Meet SVS - Speakers and Subs That Don't Mess Around

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Amidst the excitement of our recent Music Matters events this past fall, World Wide Stereo announced a new partnership with SVS to carry their smoking hot full line of high performance speakers and subwoofers. SVS has emerged over the last few years as one of the top “Bang-for-Your-Buck” audio brands out there. But they don't consider themselves just a "budget" or "value" audio brand - that's just a perk. Let's take it back to where SVS came from and how they’ve managed to become one of the fastest growing audio brands out there...

"We believe world-class audio experiences should be within everyone’s reach... with every new product, we strive to redefine audio performance for the price." - SVS

SVS Speakers and Subs: High End Audio that Doesn’t Discriminate

SVS was founded in 1998 by a group of audio loving engineers working out of their garage who felt that customers were paying too much for lackluster subwoofer performance. The vision behind SVS is a belief that world-class, immersive audio experiences should be within everyone’s reach. The SVS design approach involves a fusion of sophisticated technology, precision engineering, exhaustive lab and real-world testing, and a deep personal passion for audio excellence, all brought to life by a top notch acoustic engineering team.

From the coherent soundstage and pinpoint imaging, superb detail and sonic transparency of reference-grade SVS loudspeakers to the effortless power, sonic low frequency extension, chest-thumping slam and pinpoint accuracy of their subwoofers, award-winning SVS products guarantee an expectation-shattering audio experience. (Oh, and that guarantee also comes with a 5-year unconditional warranty)

Based in Youngstown, Ohio, SVS maintains direct communication with its passionate owner community though social media, forums, live events and other digital channels to ensure a great customer experience. This means they're engaged with their users - far beyond the date of purchase. They're committed. SVS’ authentic approach, product build and performance, and white glove Sound Experts support are all reasons why World Wide Stereo welcomed them into the fold.

To dig a little deeper into what makes SVS different, we sat down with SVS President Gary Yacoubian. Gary is a longtime friend of World Wide Stereo’s founder Bob Cole, and we're thrilled to get his exclusive take on SVS speakers, subs, and their unique company culture.

Gary Yacoubian

SVS President Gary Yacoubian 

WWS: So what’s really different about SVS? 

Gary: SVS takes pride in being the most energetic and customer facing audio brand - at least that’s our belief.  Everything we do is geared towards bringing amazing audio experiences to broader audiences everywhere. SVS makes high end audio accessible to a lot more people, including younger music, home theater and gaming fans who’ve never truly experienced immersive sound at home. 

WWS: How would you describe the SVS culture? 

Gary: More than anything, SVS has a culture of passion and inclusiveness. We all live, breathe and love immersive audio experiences on a personal level so it’s reflected in everything we do. It’s cool because we have this vehicle where we can express our beliefs about what great audio should be and it gets articulated through product development, blog posts, customer service and everything else SVS does. We’re an upstart but not an upstart that has disavowed what we stand for. We obsess over sound quality. We immediately reply to every customer email, phone call, Tweet and other messages with expert advice. Try it, you’ll see this is true.  We engage customers anywhere they want to be engaged and try as hard as possible to make our passion contagious. 

WWS: What’s so unique about the SVS design philosophy?

Gary: With audio brands, there’s often a divide between products that are expertly designed, but lack the passion or inclusiveness behind them, and products that were designed with passion, but lack the engineering rigor required for truly great performance. SVS products reflect a fusion of innovative technology, precision engineering, exhaustive testing, and most importantly, our team’s personal drive for audio excellence.  The end goal is always to redefine performance for the price with every new speaker and subwoofer. We want as many people as possible to enjoy incredible audio experiences at home so our design philosophy reflects our culture of inclusiveness.

WWS: What is your personal connection to audio and sound quality?

Gary: Music has been my passion literally since before I could talk, or at least so that has been reported to me by my parents. I also go to dozens of concerts and IMAX movies a year just to keep in touch with the immediacy of the live experience to make sure our speakers and subwoofers can capture as much of that as possible. A love of great sound has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember and now I get to make awesome audio products that connect people to the music and movies they (and I) love. Plus, I get to talk directly to the folks who enjoy our products. How cool is that?

It’s very cool… so stop in and check out the entire SVS line at our stores in Ardmore and Montgomeryville, PA and online at

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