The Hottest Sound Bar of the Year with Bob Cole & WMMR's Steve Morrison

Yes, you really can awesome audio without sacrificing a ton of space in your family room. Sound bars are better than ever, and we have the perfect pick for you this holiday season: the Bose SoundTouch 300.  

Check out the video below to get an overview of the hottest sound bar on the market and its matching subwoofer and rear speakers.

Video transcript

Steve: All right, Steve from the Preston and Steve show here at my favorite place with my favorite guys, Bob and Adam. We're talking World Wide Stereo. None finer, the absolute best place for any home entertainment, home electronics. This is something that's big this year, Bob. The art of the sound bar.

The tech of the sound bar has gotten crazy good, and we're here with one of the best in the business, Bose. Correct?

Bob: Yeah, they've been doing it for a long time and a lot of people don't want to go through the whole surround sound thing with multiple speakers and all that. So a sound bar turns out to be a wonderful solution. Adam, would you like to speak to this piece?

Adam: Sure. The number one sound bar in the industry right now, the Bose SoundTouch 300. It’s $699, very simple to connect, and you're going to get the Bose Acoustimass 300 wireless subwoofer with that if you want some more bass. And if you wanted to get a full surround sound system, they have wireless rears (the Bose Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround Speakers). So no more wires, Steve, running from the front to the back. No more wires.

Steve: No more wires?

Adam: No more wires.

Steve: So what kind of sound? People look at this and they're used to the big column speakers in the front. They're used to things wrapped around. What kind of sound can you get on something that's that small?

Adam: Check it out.

Steve: I know you can't hear it, but it's surrounding us.

Bob: Unbelievable.

Steve: That's incredible. So these speakers back here are wireless?

Bob & Adam: They're wireless.

Steve: Don't have to worry about that. You can hang them. And all that sound. So you're getting a full home theater effect with basically just a sound bar.

Adam: And there's a lot of music you can play with it, too. It is an app controllable thing. So Pandora, your iTunes, can all come through here and control it with your smartphone.

Steve: Phenomenal.

Adam: And the whole collection of speakers to add to it around the house.

Steve: I think that's going to be a big thing for the holidays.

Adam: Really nice.

Steve: Make sure you check into it. It's available at World Wide Stereo.

Bose SoundTouch 300 Wireless Soundbar Tour

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar

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Bose Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module Subwoofer

Bose Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module Subwoofer

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Bose Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround Speakers

Bose Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround Speakers

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